To Octatrack or not to Octatrack?


I think you’ll have a lot of fun with the Digitakt - I certainly did. Also - it really helped me learn the Elektron workflow before moving on to more complicated machines (MD and Octatrack).


I think the Digitakt is a gateway drug because I’m considering these two machines now - as well as the Digitone!


Loopop on To OT or Not OT – that is the question.

He digs into the question, “Is the Octatrack still worth it?”

Skip to the Summary 28:25 to get Loopop’s answer. (Basically it’s: Yes.)

Anyone using their OT for Quadraphonic output (mentioned at 4:23) ?


I know some individuals have found ways to use an OT as a multi-track recorder.

I couldn’t wrap my head around those techniques, so I just record my OT ramblings into computer via Roland Duo Capture EX.


Quick google found this thread, sounds fun

Edit: thinking about it that would be sweet as fuck, LFOs modulating surround panning and morphing depth with crossfader scenes. I’d legit buy a second pair of monitors to try it


I’ve been planning to (even got a small joystick to build a custom quad panning controller for the OT in Axoloti) but some other music projects have been taking over and OT stuff has been on the back burner this winter.


Yes i did for an quadraphonic installation i made once. Nothing fancy, just playing each track on its own output.


Nice overview/review of the Octatrack. Makes me keep it for a long time :wink:


I don’t need to read the thread or watch the video : Octatrack, what else?

Good tittle to create interest in the video maybe, but I really don’t like the idea to ask if something really original created less than 10 years ago can be obsolete. Buy, buy, bye bye.

Planned ! I got a 2k sound system for that, I just need another amp. :slight_smile:


To not Octatrack is considered rude in some places.


Octatrack or not, I don’t like that more and more common idea that everything is obsolete after 2 years or less.

Easy to hate Octatrack, smash it, I respect it if so ! :smile:
Respect old gear.


Agree, gear like this is to be enjoyed for a long time, “the new shiny” and “forced obsolescence” are horrible concepts.

Having said this I did upgrade from mkI to mkII, my mkI was one of the beta units and never showed any signs of problems, the only reason I upgraded was due to the extra buttons, because I always felt this was the only real problem I had with it - even from day 1. Of course I got used to the many key combos, but I have to say after a few months with mkII I think I made the right decision.

I have no desire to upgrade my other Elektrons to mkII, and I don’t like the new form factor being larger.


You’ll never know if Octatrack is for you until you try it, just like any other anti-depressant.


Totally. I needed 3 weeks to realise how it was amazing!
If you love it and want to master it quickly, maybe you need some more anti-depressant. :content:


I forgive you. :expressionless:


Gotta say though that still some things about the mkI I prefer, but on balance the mkII slightly wins for me.


*may cause unanticipated side effects


Totally agree.


Curious to hear what aspects of the mk1 you like better.


Coming from an MKI AR to a MKII OT, I’m also curious. I considered a second hand MKI OT but the additional buttons sold me. I have so many keyboard shortcuts memorized for software I feel like my brain is too full of that sort of stuff.