To be closed thanks!

Preferably without pads.
I’ll pay with paypal trade and goods, fees on my side.
Shipping to France.

Thanks a lot.

Bump, because I was first ! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha noticed after I posted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:wink: Good luck they are hard to find…I found one and the guy is not responding anymore… :frowning:

There’s a guy in France selling one but it’s with the pads and I’m not spending the asking price

[Nord Drum 2](Nord Drum 2)

Thanks but it’s way overpriced…I can’t stand speculation on synth… :smiley:

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I saw that one on Reverb.

Waaaay overpriced.

i paid something like $500 including the pads at the end of 2017. ended up selling the pads, but yah, they’re ridiculously priced at the moment. i wouldn’t pay more than $500 for the unit, and that’s pushing it.

I got an offer @500 euros boxed, like new including pads…Seems fair to me…


I would buy the pads if you do not want them :wink:

Are you buying it?

Haha, you bet ?

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I’ll let you know…I may keep them if they feel good.

Yeah, no pressure, keep them if you like, if not wanted let me know.

Thanks! :wink:

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