Tips for taming drums using OT only?

I’m having this problem where every time I record a track made with the Octatrack, the drum transients are very inconsistent and have random high spikes. This is especially noticeable with sliced breaks and also my Volca Sample which I use with OT a lot.

Maybe I can use the compressor, but I don’t actually understand the OT compressor fully, it doesn’t seem to be like using a plugin and obviously there are no visual aids.

Any tips appreciated! :slight_smile:

Maybe I don’t use the Ot compressor academically, but usually I do this :
Mix = Max
Rat = Max (setting used for limiter)
Decrease THReShold till the sound become lower.

Decrease Rat, adjust Gain, Thrs, Mix, by ear.

With ATacK, the compressor is engaged faster or slower, with RELease, it is released faster or slower. I usually leave default values.

For more drastic fx, lower threshold, increase attack, decrease release.

Page 2 RMS setting set to max seems maid for an audio mix, min for an individual audio track.

RMS adjusts the way the compressor works. A zero setting makes the compressor look for amplitude peaks and a max setting makes it react to the over-all energy level of the signal


Thanks for the input sezare56!

I’ll test out these settings, I actually just played around with the compressor some more tonight and I’m getting better results but theres room for improvement :slight_smile: