Tips for creating an audio CD in 2020, please

hi elektronauts,

last time i burned an audio CD was like 15 years ago.
normally i find out things myself but i´m in a hurry a bit.

could you please help me with this:

i´d like to transfer one big audio file (a recording of an old cassette) to a CD that plays on an old school standard CD player.

i need to set some track markers that can be selected on a
regular CD player.

how to do this in 2020 ?

preferably i just like to set the markers without editing the file.

didn´t use a computer for making music for a long time,
but I´ve got a pretty new mac book pro with ableton live and an older pc notebook with audacity.

as said before i´m in a hurry, how would you do this job these days ?
what (freeware) software ?

CD should run rocksolid on CD players !

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LMGTFY was my thought also.

Before I ask any forum I try googling first.

Still, if anyone has any tricks I’m curious to hear them also.

My computer still has a CD burner built in it and I have yet to use it. Why not learn something?

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