Tip for handling the OT learning curve


Thanks Mistercharlie and Open_Mike for pointing out corrections to my process :wink:

You’re both correct, I just tried it out and REC+PLAY isn’t necessary, just PLAY. Also, hitting the REC1 key a second time ends the recording, so no need to hit REC2 twice (it didn’t make sense to me either, but I thought I read somewhere that was the way it worked). I’m correcting my original step-by-step with these updates.

I don’t consider myself an OT expert by any stretch of the imagination and definitely welcome your feedback. Last week I was about to take a sledge hammer to my OT I was so frustrated, now I’m able to get FLEX looping consistently working so things are looking up :laughing:

I’ve been working with synths/samplers/etc since the mid 80’s and until the OT I’ve never had a piece of gear that was so flexible yet so frustratingly maddening and potentially so rewarding - all at the same time :rofl:


Do you have “quick record mode” activated in the personalize menu?
Otherwise it’s track+rec for sampling, just saying for the help of those that read this…


Yes I do.

For fun I just ran a FUNC PowerOn -> “2 Empty Reset”, created a new set and a new project in that set and ‘Record Quick Mode’ was already active. Is that the default setting? Seems surprising…


It’s not default on OS 1.25H that I’m running, and the manual always reads track+rec and then has a bullet point saying “By enabling record quick mode blah… blah… blah…”


Empty reset is more of an emergency tactic if you feel your ram is messed up, I do one after updating the OS just for good measure but that’s about the only time. It’s a bit more straight forward to stay in your set, go to the project menu, select change, and scroll to create new project. This way you always have access to your samples in the audio pool of the set…


Agreed. I only included “Empty Reset” in my guide so everyone was starting from a completely fresh slate that I knew would work. Also, I’m running 1.30d so maybe that’s why I’m seeing “Record Quick Mode” activated as a default :thinking:


After all this time, I still forget to trig the thru track and spend 5-10 minutes wondering why I can’t hear anything :slight_smile:


If it helps you’ll see a play triangle by the thru if it’s running, you can also trig it manually with track+play…


I don’t understand. You have to play triangle to make it work ? :thinking:


I can testify to the opinions when i joined here, it takes a year, not only for memorization, but to have explored it’s sound enough to be able to know which fx/tricks to apply, gain staging and workarounds.
But I really only tried PU’s once per my own workflow.


Now to add if you:

-Turn on delay compensation under PROJECT/CONTROL/INPUT menu
-set qrec to plen
-set rlen to plen
-make a scene on the left with xdir max and the flex/buffer’s track xvol min
-make a scene on the right with xdir min and the flex/buffer’s track xvol max
-press play on the sequencer with fader on the left
-press track+rec1 of the flex/buffer track

Now the recording will be quantized to the next pattern cycle and you will be live looping a pattern length sample, the fader to the left is the mixer signal and the fader to the right is the sample. Once recording is initiated you can fade from left to right and hear that the sample is being played in realtime as its being recorded and will loop after that…

-Next stop: another flex track with the same recorder buffer sliced and warped to be able to do live slice remix and fade between live inputs, looping sample, and warp remix, or any combo, all live without stopping to do anything… :smiley:- Details later…:sparkles:


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Your OP notes you turn it on after empty reset… :thinking:


Play triangle and chant some OT praises will enforce the effect … :smile:


My OP was written back when it seemed every time I started the machine and followed repeatable steps I got a different result :crazy_face:

I’m doing much better now :wink:


Patience, Focus, Persistence. Remind yourself that you’ve already learned harder things in your life. Submit to its workflow, bring no bias’s or disposition from past DAWs or groove boxes. and have fun, I think many would agree that the basics of the OT while a lil convoluted, quickly become 2nd nature and actually make a lot of sense given its design architecture.