Tip: Cheap Japan prices for used Monomachines

MK2 + Drive sold for 90,000 Yen ($846 USD)
They normally sell for same price as Machinedrum on Yahoo Auctions.
A really good broker to buy for you on Yahoo is Goody

I found there an Analog Heat for 213190 yen? 2000 dollars?!

$850 seems a bit high ?
one recently sold on uk gumtree for £500 (i guess $650 ish) but i think he didnt know the value and someone grabbed a bargain.
uk typically around £800 , sold mine for similar amount about 6 months ago (was immaculate , boxed, manual , psu etc).

i havent bought from japan for a long time but i suspect there is commission, currency conversion (which may not be as good as the exchange rate) taxes/import duties.
in summary , i’d probably buy from my location if i wanted one (for me its uk , then maybe europe) …

things ive seen in japan are typically well looked after , i’m sure there are bargains to be found on yahoo

There is one store on yahoo auctions that has ridiculous prices for a heat, mk iA4, and DT. Well beyond double normal prices. That’s the exception though. You can find a lot better deals.
It wasn’t on yahoo auctions, but I bought the most recent versions of a MDUW and MNM from a guy I met on a gear exchange FB group here in Japan. 110,000 yen (like $1,000) for the set!


Id like to sell my mint MDuw (2016_still_under_warranty) for a ridiculous price… should i sell it in Japan? :yum:

Just sold my MnM SFX-60+ for 650 euros in Finland. That’s the normal going price.

Sounds too low… Was it from 2016 and still under warranty?

Yep. I guess it was. The most I’ve seen them sold here is 700€. I would’ve asked that but we have a closed facebook synth group that sells stuff a liitle cheaper inside the group. So I dropped 50€.

Finnish postal office lost the parcel for over two weeks. It was a nightmare but yesterday it finally got delivered.

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