Tiny House


Nice lighting!


Thanks. They’re just simple LED strips, but it does make this setup work.


That is the new Novation keyboard with sequencer? How do you like it ? Is the session switch over seamless? Recording the sequencer is tight ?


Yes, it it.

A lot. Really like the feel of the keybed.

Can you elaborate? I’m afraid I don’t exactly understand what you’re asking about. :slight_smile:

Yes, the built-in step sequencer seems well-implemented.


Believe it or not I have actively been reducing my setup for the past few years, keep in mind I started out about 30 years ago and still have some equipment that I have owned for 18 years, I actually have a fair bit more not in the setup, I tend to change things around a bit as my goals change, in fact it has been tweaked a bit since the picture was taken.

I do want to continue to slim down my setup as I am a minimalist at heart, and I’d probably be more productive with less gear, the “problem” that I have is I don’t like to do work the same way all the time, so drum machines, samplers and sequencers with their different strengths and weaknesses and unique qualities all offer something different, there is very little overlap.

The other thing to bear in mind is that I don’t use a DAW, so to have enough multipart things happening at once requires a fair bit of gear, also I like to do “DJ style” mixing and matching of different patterns from different machines, so that can be a lot of fun.

Finally I also like to limit myself to working on say 1 box doing a whole track or album, so I’m under no illusions that I need all this stuff, but I don’t really buy much of anything else like flash cars, clothing, jewellery etc. Plus #mancave I guess :rofl:


I understand. The challenge of slimming down is achieving the optimal setup…and that seems to change as new gears are introduce. Honestly, it’s a nice problem to have. I envy you in a healthy manner :slight_smile: Kinda never-ending weekend project around the house ( after finishing your chores, of course:)


i’ve been jonesing after a tiny dwelling for years. more as a mancave though. while i can stare at tiny house porn for hours on end, i know the fam could never tolerate sharing one full time, and i’m clumsy enough that i know i’d be a bull in a china shop every time i stretched or danced.

still, the design principle itself never gets old to me. when i’m in the mood i consider what robin falck did with his handbuilt nido up in finland, wondering if the odd wall angles might help counter common acoustic problems. i also think kodasema has a great aesthetic.

as i’m stateside and hopeless with hand tools, i dream of someday hiring a team like cubist engineering to create something sturdy out of good quality building materials. this one has a dedicated space at one end that could hold a small studio setup.

now all i need is a winning lottery ticket.


I have plenty of space, but really likes the idea of reducing my gearspace ALOT. I am currently looking at vertical solution. Which is the only way I think it is possible have alot of with a small footprint in my studio room.


Interesting thread. It’s the modern curse, caught between the desire to own land or have a slice of it somewhere versus time / money / job etc. I basically moved away from the big smoke because of it and am trying to make a go of it in a smaller city, where owning a place is far more affordable. Not that I’m saving for a deposit at this point or anything. But I noticed myself that big city life was pushing me into this tiny house mentality. Which in terms of ecological footprint is a totally noble cause. I don’t want a massive house or anything. I actually think I’d like a nice little quarters, kitchen bedroom, and living room. But the studio as a sort of detached thing. I’ve kindve imagined it as a treehouse on stilts. Enough for a desk couch and some gear. Windows looking out across a canopy of trees. Find a cheap block somwhere and start to drop your little dream on top of it. I personally like the idea of little prefab huts you can buy and just joining things together. Still, when you add it all up it’s cheaper to buy a small house somewhere. always have to think about things like water, sewerage, power, comms etc. Otherwise, if u look after yourself and live a long life, alternatively just saving for your retirement studio is a nice idea. Just keep renting and putting coin away your whole life, till your old and can go tweak away at a private nook in the hills. dunno if im off topic here or what, but yeah, its something i think about a fair bit. wish the world was back at 1980’s house and land prices hehe. instead it ends up being a 5 or 6 hour drive somewhere just so you can have a slice of the good life


@Rusty check the subreddit: tinyhomes
It’s a small one (no pun intended), but seems to have some potentially inspiring threads.
Don’t forget to set the filter to “Top of all time”.


I like the idea of Tiny House being an new genre!

Thought I’d throw mine in. I’ve been working hard over the past years to focus and simplify my setup. Both to be mostly portable and to sit neatly in the house. Mostly because I need less gear to be focused myself.

I made a spot in the corner of our terrace, so it’s in the living/dining room that the family uses.

Everything plugs into an X-Air headless mixer on a shelf behind the SV-1, and I record directly from that.

There are monitors each side of the room, which double as potplant stands.

Also an Octatrack that I keep under the bed, and hopefully a soon-to-be-Monomachine again :slight_smile:


Current little nook setup


Not a tiny house but certainly a small space, 100cm x 65cm!





see I just see this and think “OK, get a rack mixer. then you have at least enough space for another Elektron box, and probably another 3U or so of effects units. and clearly you need something between the monitors…”

so hard to fight gear sprawl! :cry:


All you need!


It really is. I’ve sworn not to obsess over any new gear this year. I need to knuckle down and learn what I’ve got!
(maybe impossible :joy:)


Gear junkie… but in a good way I should have said!


This is brilliant… I take it your back rest is the wall?