Tinnitus, ear fatique, Near Field Monitors

No, actually with my bose noise cancelling closedback headphones I don‘t have much problems. Seems to me, that hifi speaker in general taming the unpleasant frequencies.
Cant‘t remember being fatigued from hifi floorstanders either.

The tinnitus itself isn‘t the most bad thing. It‘s bad that your ears get so over sensible. My hearing is good overall, but it‘s so sensible, that sometimes I can‘t use them nevertheless.

Focal alphas, distance varies between 2 and 4 meters

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It might also be that your ears are less sensitive to fatigue, and/or haven’t been damaged like some of ours.

I’m jealous of some musicians and DJs who play at loud volumes all the time and experience no adverse effects. Or at least that’s what they say. I’d be deaf by now if I 'd be DJ’ing.

I used a pair of Beyer Dynamic DT770 Pro 80 ohms with my Rytm and after a while noticed a continuous warbling tone in one ear this has gone away somewhat through not using headphones exept when absolutly necessary and then keeping the volume low. Maybe the 200ohm versions would have been better or an open back set.
Now I use a pair of tannoy reveal 502’s at about 80-100cm and a pair of Tannoy Little Reds at about 2m, I prefere the Reds even though they lack bass and use the 502 to check the low end.
Thing is as well Ive done quite a lot of DIY and hammer drilling into a wall with out ear protection is asking for trouble may be thats why the right ear suffered more than the left.

Tinnitus is the last warning you get before you’ll f++k up your hearing forever. First warning, for a lot of people, is hyperacusis, which is the stage before tinnitus -but not for everyone.
Time to rest your ears, educate you brain to listen and produce to a lower level - once the hearing is gone, is gone.
since we love music, we should love our ears.
To some people, ginko biloba helps against tinnitus. for me it worked.
good luck - but most of all BE SMART.


I have had eustacian tube dysfunction for years, minor tinnitus but always suffered with fatigue mixing on KRKs and beyer DT770s.
Got a bigger room, now using Focal Alphas at a distance of 1.6m.
I can use them all day, no noticable fatigue whatsoever.
I think it comes down to reducing SPL, in any way, whilst still having good monitoring.
The inverted tweeters might help though somehow

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fatigue is one of the reasons why I like mixing ITB. I like having everything with my mixes saved so I can go back and listen through them little by little, tweaking as needed with fresh ears, instead of sitting down and trying to dedicate a long period of time to them, thus getting fatigue. it’s more common for me that levels will creep louder and louder when I’m jamming/working on tunes in hardware; but then I’m seldom directly in front of the speakers. still an issue though, need to be aware of it and keep things under control. I really should look into an SPL meter…

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Another thing: When you are at a concert that is bearably loud. A friend comes up and yells in your ear to get your attention or compete with the ambient SPL. This does more damage than the music, because it’s that much more proximal.

I don’t go to many live gigs, which is why I still have hearing in my fifth decade. Plus I tell all my friends to never do this. And it is one of the rare times they see me angry.

To the OP… I am sorry for your hearing woes. That’s all I can offer, I am afraid.


If you’re worried about tinnitus, stay away from big music festival ! I went to one recently and I’m almost sure I got tinnitus there. If I had to describe it would be gentle white noise, so it’s not that annoying but still silence doesn’t exist anymore. I’m seriously mad, I got earplugs on all the time but the music was just so loud I could feel the bass vibrating the inside of my head in a very unpleasant way (and it was outside of concerts). I know it sounds that I’m exaggerating but the sound level was that nuts (not all the way, mostly late at night), and I’m surprised anyone enjoyed those kind of music level.

Anyway, just a little rant, you’re never too careful with your earing.

Is it even possible to have ‘complete silence’ with our bodies emiting several sounds?

I hear a similar noise when the room is quiet, like gentle white noise wind.
Never thought it could be due to hearing damage…

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Hi I have the same and start monitoring with an app SPL Hawkeyes and discover that this sounds are present in the ambience of my place and sometimes it’s stronger. I feel that I’m very sensible to some of this noise resulting in the jet sound at diff levels.

I have ear damage due to extra metal gigs on my youth and later on making party’s so I lost a considerable % in some freqs.

Monitoring with KRK and diferent boards no cans and yes ear fatigue I use earbuds for producing and partying or concerts or using the vacuum cleaner or mixer on the kitchen very intolerant to heavy noises.

You have to be aware an be conscious and protect your ears of the danger of hearing loss.

As a follow-up to my previous post, I went to see an “ear doctor”, and it turned out I had earwax plug from using earbuds. In the end my hearing is still good, except a little loss in the high frequencies from my right ear, but nothing impending my day-to-day life.

BUT, I now have tinnitus, it’s not too bothering for now (a high-pitched sine which fade to some kind of high pitched white noise when it lessen), but I’ll definitely get away from loud music now. And I have a constant reminder to care for my earing, which is not ideal but not too bad either.