Time Stretches and Slices futur update for Digitakt?


Did you believe that Elektron will develop the “time stretches and slices” sampling for Digitakt ?


No, I don’t think they will. It’s not that kind of sampler - it’s primarily a drum machine.


I could see slices, but not time stretch.


Slices would be AWESOME!


OP1-style slices automapped to trigs would be very cool.


+1000. I currently use my OP-1 as my slicing companion for the Digitakt. Which is cool, but would be great to do on the Digitakt.


Ah, I sold my OP-1 to fund a car and I can’t say I’ve missed it THAT much. The Digitakt is better for me simply because I prefer the sequencer to the tape. I do miss the slices though.


By the way, OP, you can sorta get some cool ‘slicing’ sounds by placing a trig on each step, pressing REC+PLAY to enter live record mode and messing about with the sample start and end times.

It’s how I chop up longer samples without a slice function.


I feel slightly betrayed :smiley:



Haha, maybe I should replace it with a photo of my Digitakt. :slight_smile:


Once upon a time I sold my OP-1 to fund a Rytm. Then the Digitakt came, so I sold the Rytm. Then I missed the beloved OP-1, so I now I have both. Powerful combo!


They might be able to port the OT time stretching as its a decade old and most likely requires little processing power, but small chance it gets added. Elektron likes to keep things out so you buy more of their boxes.

As for slice support I think this is a must for any modern sampler but also not counting on it to be added. I count on the bugs to be fixed an 0 new features, that way I won’t be disappointed and happy if they ever add any new features.


it’s an issue of UI rather than processing power. the whole point of the DT is to be simple and quick to use. if you start cramming in more features you’ll just end up at the OT again.


Agreed. I don’t need the DT to do everything. I just want a little more. A few more track level effects like distortion, phaser and another filter model, master compressor, a few more synth and modulation options (filter keytrack, autoglide, etc.)

I don’t need every production task somehow crammed into the box, with hundreds of menudives and an impossible processor load. Real time audio stretching needs to sound good, and that’s a big processor hog. 8 tracks of clean stretched audio? Not going to happen. 8 tracks of chuggy, choppy cheap stretching? Possible, but who wants that?


How is it an UI thing? They could simple do a double-tap option on the source page or a toggle to display/use slices and other new stuff. Wouldn’t be that hard to create new pages instead of cramming things in one screen.

Also where do you get this “the whole point of the Digitakt is to be simple” from? Surely not Elektron that markets this box as a beat making powerhouse. Or did I miss some newsletter that stated the design goals of the Digitakt?

Beat making powerhouse
Compact, rugged and to the point. Digitakt is a formidable drum machine and sampler. With an astounding feature set and an exquisite digital sound engine, the stage is set for a striking encounter.

A powerhouse with an astounding feature set. We can debate on what an astounding feature set is and if the Digitakt has that. But surely Elektron does not market this as a simple drummachine.


Octatrack users :joy:


Slices makes perfect sense on this device. I really hope this is implemented though I’'m not going to hold my breath.


The digitakt is supposed to be “immediate” in its usage not necessarily simple. An Early part of the advert campaign was that every function on the machine could be accessed directly from the face panel. No menu diving necessary.

Additionally, this belief that Elektron purposes leaves features out of boxes so consumers will buy others is a bit of a stretch. I could understand this logic if say the dark trinity was release all at once. But the boxes were released years apart, and all fulfill a different function. And the silver boxes were still available whe the OT came out.


It’s marketed as a drum sampler. Small RAM, quick UI, it even has drum names on the pads in case you forget. Sure you could add a whole bunch of features behind function menus, but every additional feature comes with a mental cost associated with keeping track of that feature across different tracks and projects. Anyone who has put the time in with the Octatrack can confirm that this is often exhausting. Personally I don’t see timestretching as an essential function of a drum sampler, so I don’t think it would justify the DSP and UI hit. Not to mention the inevitable sound degradation when you forget to turn it off. Would much rather it get a compressor.


8 tracks of chuggy, choppy cheap stretching is exactly what I want. Add some aliasing and it would be perfect!