Thom Yorke


Kid A was the better “album” but it’s sister, Amnesiac, had the better “songs” in my opinion. Kid A flows while Amnesiac is like a collection. Might be stating some known fact I’m unaware of but I always presumed that was the inspiration behind Amnesiacs title. I remember it being quite misunderstood in release wth multiple average reviews but it’s one that has grown in stature over time.

In Rainbows is a stunning album but OKC trump’s it for me. Even if just for the guitar and vocal layering on Let Down which still feels out of this world!


one of their most beautiful songs. Out of this world indeed


Moon-shaped pool is the one I’m going back to most. Just… lush.


I went an event at a civic hall for small bands a few years back. And prior to the event they just happened to have OKC playing on the speakers of the concert hall.

Now, I always liked OKC, but hearing it played loud in the atmospheric hall on some good speakers was something else! It was awesome, other worldly, almost like a spiritual experience. One of my best moments listening to music.


That sounds like it would’ve been awesome!

I’ve been lucky enough to see Radiohead 3 times now.

1st was their “Big Tent Tour” for Kid A. I think Clinic supported them that day. Really cool seeing them in a big Circus tent.

2nd was at Meadowbank in Edinburgh which must’ve been 12/13 years ago now. Beck supported. Both were sublime that evening - what a combination to see live. Easily one of the best gigs/performances I’ve seen. It’s really something else when you catch a band who have truly mastered their live set/performance. Looking at the set list from that evening and wow! (

3rd was about 10 years ago at Glasgow Green. Didn’t think much of Bat for Lashes who supported by Radiohead knocked it out of the park again.

Realising it’s been 10 years or so since I last saw them is making me think I really should catch them again!


I saw the 3 times in ancient Roman arenas, twice in Nîmes and once in Switzerland…
Oh, and another time in Lyon’s amphitheater !

Stunning live shows in mythical places !


I was away for the recent Glasgow green one sadly. A few friends were there on acid and said it was incredible. Apparently belle and Sebastian were crap though hah


Not usually one to be blown away by choreographed dance pieces but anima is an amazing watch!


No it doesn’t


im not surprised that he loves elektrons! (and i see increased interest in mnm :slight_smile: )

but, interestingly enough, my fav radiohead album is In Rainbows, their the least ‘electronic’ one, also on which his singing doesnt bother me that much


To be fair it reads, “one of the first bands to seamlessly use both synths and rock instrumentation.” But still, there’s KISS, who joked that their fans hated synths yet never realised how heavily they were used in Kiss songs. That’s seamless right there. Didn’t hear too many VanHalen fans complain either.


Any ideas on creating a patch for dawn chorus? Love the warm synth tones, but can’t nail it down. Attmepted on a rev 2


Look up the “sitcom piano” patch and mess with that.


Pink Floyd’s 1970s outings are what I’d call seamless. Animals alone… Christ. Richard Wright kills it. I’ve also recently had a Renaissance with that record lol–hearing it with fresh ears for maybe the first time in five years–before I even knew what a synthesizer was.


I don’t think hyperbole is new in music journalism, particularly when trying to hype the importance of someone before interviewing them in order to sell your product.


Clearly radiohead invented it…:thinking:


Yep. Don’t you know the world started in the mid 80’s? :smiley: :smile:


Finally got around to listening to Anima. I like it. Very lush - almost like Moon Shaped electrified. Very Thom but also different. I’m happy for him, all of them. They seem comfortable in this late career phase: doing what they want to do without worrying about relevancy. Maybe wishful thinking but i hear the AR all over it.

Ya know with the news that theyre going through the Kid Amnesiac tapes again a la OKNOTOK I revisited them both. And while KID A is still great (but maybe now Ive been oversaturated with it?), tracks like Pulk/Pull, Pyramid and Spinning Plates are absolutely radical even by todays standards. James Blakes entire career seems to be chasing those tracks. When i first heard them I wasnt producing but now that I do I appreciate them even more. think the whole Aphx/Autechre-lite perjoratives were unfair. I am pumped for their 20 year releases.


I saw him live at Down The Rabbit Hole Festival a week back and it was sooo good. The set list was amazing and the live visuals were just out of this world. Go see him live if you get the chance!


Just watched the Netflix film.