Thinking of swapping OT for AR

I know i know. Its a bit of a disgrace saying this. But i have an A4 mk2 now. And i think the trinity it taking on too much. But the A4 is analogue(i love analogue). And the AR is analogue. But the reason is i pretty much suck at bass and drum. And im thinking the AR would be a great teacher for me. The OT does all of these things of course. But a bit more mangling and input needed. (Im lazy). I dont think im going to use many of the inputs on the back and thats another reason. However the OT is exceptional its hard to let go as its so much fun. But reality is i could get much more done i think with the AR. Thats the crux of it. I want to get production. And the more immediacy of the AR over the OT for creating tracks is a big appeal. But letting go of the OT feels like wrong. But if it sits there doing nothing i may as well move on. Has anyone else here swapped the OT for the AR? Similar reasons maybe? I need to know so i can put this to bed. Cheers gang.

I did it a couple of years ago with a similar plan. The Rytm has a lot of cool ideas but ultimately I didn’t love the onboard synthesis that much and never clicked with the UI. Missed too many things about the OT so went back, after a couple of other detours.

Out of interest Anfim, what did you miss about the OT? Do you think the AR Mk2 has addressed some of your issues.

Since I ended up using the sampling features of the Rytm a lot, I guess I missed the more in-depth control of the OT - the fader, live sampling, FX block flexibility, etc. MK2 does live sampling so perhaps closes the gap a little. Samples do sound incredible through the rytms analog sound engine, so it could be worth a shot if you want to dig into analog drum synthesis as well! As you know these machines hold their value nicely.

Thanks for that. Yes its almost worth keeping all three due to the great resale. When you say the samples sound incredible on AR is it much better thsn the OT and in what kind of way? Thanks again.

They sound warm, punchy and a little bit lofi. The analog filter, overdrive and VCA really adds a lot to the sound IMO. Octatrack is much cleaner in comparison, with less character. It kinda reminds me of the difference between an aggressive monosynth Vs the more gentle tone of a poly - 8 layers of AR samples might sound a little too much for a mix, but as some extra spice on drummy sounds it really works well.

Thanks. Good to know user experiences as it makes the decision easier.