Thinking of getting an AH, quick question

Quick question. What happens sonically when you change distortion circuit/preset while feeding AH audio?
Is there a pop, a gap in audio or any other artefacts? Or is it pretty seamless?


It’s pretty seamless with the caveat that different characters can change the output level considerably, depending on the drive level.

This is why we need auto-levels Elektron :wink:

That’s good news, thanks!

I’ll add that if you’re changing the circuit by hand (i.e. using the knob) then there may be a slight break in sound as you turn the knob. It depends on how fast you are, really. I believe if you are changing the circuit via MIDI CC, then it’s pretty much instantaneous. One of these days, I’ll get around to using MIDI with the Heat. It would be a hoot to use different presets / circuits on different sequencer steps. All kinds of crazy stuff could be possible.