These are dark Times (Dark Ambient with Minibrute 2s, BigSky and Analog Four MK1)

Hi there,

i had to do something like this one day. A very dark, ambient’ish Jam which somehow reflects the current situation in our world quite well i think!

Enjoy! If one could even say “Enjoy” in regards to this darkness! :wink:


nice moody one

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Just tried to catch the same mood with a techno track i just made (just posted it to the forum as well). But your track is somehow much more successfull in transporting the sad aspect of it all, especially with the melody you play on the a4.

Very nice!

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thanks man! C-Minor always helps transporting sadness i think. Its a great Scale - and the only one i can actually play without getting confused :smiley:

so here do you pkay in C minor ? Which modes do you use with ?
(Im trying to understand thoses things on those month) your words will helps :slight_smile:

Thank dear

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Here I just gave a general explanation of the modes, other good stuff in this thread too!

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i have no clue about “Modes” or anything like that. Neither do i have a clue about Music theory at all! I just played these notes a while back and noticed: they sound great together! :slight_smile: after a while i looked them up and found out that they belong to the C Minor Scale. And now that i had a more closer look i found out: It’s the C Natural Minor Scale. Have a look here:

The first Notes shown in order are the ones im playing. And according to this Website, this would be C Natural Minor. Interesting in that respect is: My ears are so damn “calibrated” to these Notes, so when i play the C Harmonic Minor (playing the B, rather than the Bb) it sounds odd to me :slight_smile:

So - whenever i try to find melodies i only judge by ear. Music theory is way too complicated for me. Maybe im missing the more interesting Scales that way, but at least it fits when i listen to the result! :wink:

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