There Can Be Only One!


EMS Synthi 100


Wow. Tuff one. Besides Ableton Live 10…i cant decide between Analog Four Mk2, Digitone or Novation Peak.


It isn’t about learning what you don’t know of the operations, that can easily be learned in a short time, it has to do with finding new and interesting ways to use it and the way that you can do things with it, I guess similar things can be said of other feature rich machines, but not in quite the same way as the Octatrack, it is unique in some of its features and abilities, even more so since trig conditions were added.

I’ll admit that I am nowhere near as experimental as @sezare56 @Open_Mike and others, I’m not a “proper musician” more of a sound designer/knob twiddler/groove composer so most of my stuff is based around that approach.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that there are certain things I still have not tried, and probably some I have not even thought of.


OT MKI, eventually MKII if mine dies before me!
And no DAW. :content:


Choose wisely :grin:


As standalone goes…

First place: A4 Mk2, because it has a Song Mode…and the Synth Engine is deep.

Second: Digitone, it will Take me a Long Time to master FM. And the possibilities of FM Sounds to explore are endless…

In conjunction with Ableton Live:
Peak …deep as A4 plus capable of entering Digitone territory, this will give me a universe to explore.


After 4 years I realised there was an assignable crossfader! :thup:

And seriously, my last one was the possibility to sync the arp in realtime, whatever the key press timing of an external keyboard. Toothpick trick!

Still many things to discover / invent with midi loopback and midi controllers.

There are endless possibilities with real-time resampling and audio editing…


Yeah, dont need a DAW, just my Octatrack.


Things they dont teach you in the manual. Youve certainly had your moneys worth out this thing Sezare!:grinning:


Wow! Normally I find these sort of questions dead hard but this is really straight forward. I really, really love my DT but about 4 months ago I scored a cracking deal on a second hand Octatrack Mk.I that I haven’t really begun to get with grips yet… Just starting to figure out just how deep it really is. So, if you get to keep a DAW then I could happily exist with the OT plumbing it depths with a healthy supply of fresh OT food from Reaktor…


I’d break the rules, epoxy the DigiPair together, and pass that off as one synth. Then I would be happy.


Yeah usually these types of questions are very difficult for me as well, simply because it’s usually just one thing and one thing only Desert Island style.

This time though I wanted it to be a little more realistic, and at the same time evaluate which piece of gear users simply would not go without, even while having a DAW set up. I figured this could also be useful for people who want to declutter a bit!


I agree I’d go with my Peak, plus Logic. It’s just such a versatile synth that can sound pretty analogue or digital depending on what you need, and then Logic could handle the rest.

I’d still prefer to keep everything though!


I’d still prefer to keep everything though!




I use mine the same way every time pretty much: 8 flex tracks, 8 samples. Thru track when i need it. Make a few patterns and mure/unmute them to get an arrangement. Im not going to be doing anything different it really isnt that complicated if you dont want to do complicated stuff


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Every few years i remember it (not so common over here). And then i must have it. One day i might even leave it in the fridge long enough to try it cold.

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Assuming my DAW has samples and softsynths, then it’s a toss up between my Virus C or the Digitone.

If I don’t have samples or soft synths, then I’d go with the Digitone.

The virus is 32 voices and can do some crazy beautiful stuff. The DN is amazing, and if it had more voices, it’d be a no-brainer.


Octatrack! :slight_smile: