The whole sequencer has disappeared!

Yesterday I was playing the Octatrack with the Digitone and after entering the OT Trig Menu (the one with the swing, etc.) I experienced a very weird issue: in record mode the sequencer didn´t show triggers anymore.

It only went to normal after restart, anyone nows anything about it?

Did you change the mode / view ?

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You were not in midi mode?

Were you sober? :content:
In that menu, trigs are shown accordingly to the row you’ve selected.

I hope it’s not a bug.

Same thing happened to me a while ago. Since it came back to normal after i relaunched the OT i didn’t pay too much attention… I was also playing w/ Digitone/OT… Never had this since… I guess the OT is sometimes drinking from a mug instead of going to a bar @sezare56 :sunglasses:


Yes, I tried moving between views and the same.

I think so, I´m almost sure in fact.

I was completely sober jajjaja. Anyway the problem is that once out of the trig menu is where the sequencer didn´t show any trig.

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Maybe so many trigs, MIDI trigs and arps, etc. Yesterday I played 2h and it didn´t happen.

Does it seemed like you were stuck in one of the trig menu views.
Do you remember what did you use between slides / swing / rec trigs?

Not exactly, it was the sequencer completely empty. Well, it could be one of the Trig Menu secuencers stuck and empty…

I was trying things so I touched everthing.

I discovered that the Trigs in the Trig Menu are not an on-off option, they are the actual triggers of the sequencer, aren´t they?

The upper row resembles the sample trigs, trigless trigs and trigless locks you put in your patterns. Same thing.
If you look closely you can see the difference between sample trigs, trigless trigs and trigless locks.
If you delete trigs in the upper row, you delete your sequence basically.
The other rows are swing trigs (which steps get swung), slides and recording trigs.

Forgot slides^^
Oh and for midi tracks, you only have midi trigs (upper row) and swing trigs.

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It would be great if the first trigs were only to switch the steps on/off, like in the arp sequencer.

Yep, trig mutes like the Analog boxes have would be cool.
Since the OT doesn’t have trig mutes and multi trig editing, I rarely ever use those features in my Analog Keys…

There are workarounds, though.
You can use trig conditions (hold the step you want to mute, press up arrow and dial in FILL - step is basically muted - dial back to no trig condition to unmute) and trigless locks (hold step and press No/Exit - step is muted - tap step again to unmute) to mute steps or simply copy the pattern (or page), delete steps and then paste again. Usually pasting pattern or pages work without any hiccups so copy/paste could be used for quick changes in a pattern or „muting steps“.

Definitely I´ll take a look on trigless trigs as well…