The Ultimate Elektron Case

I got this James Bond-esque Zero Halliburton case about ten years ago and it didn’t make sense until right now.

Finally vindicated! A perfect fit :slight_smile:




So cool! Briefcases are underrated for transporting gear. I once found one for £2 in a junk shop that was perfect for an Elektron, cables and a couple of pedals.

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Thanks, indeed! I used to play out with like a $10 hard shell luggage case myself, I forget the brand if it even exists anymore! Got it at a flea market lol

Whoa, you should get a handcuff for when your carryin it around!


Shoot the outside of the case with an AR-15 (with the OT inside the case). If the case stops the bullet, you know the case is a keeper.



Looks great. I agree that briefcases are something that have seemed to disappear in the 21st century. I used to love checking out my dad’s briefcases. They just seemed so cool. Gonna have to look into one, even if it’s just for Elektrons. :sunglasses: