The track that saved me from selling my Digitakt


Great track! The vocals were a nice addition


For myself I burn through ram because I’m using a lot of rather long samples. I approach the dt not so much like a drum machine but like a tape looper I guess. I utilize conditionals and slower bpm, to trigger off some longer soundscape-y oriented stuff like field recordings.


Nice track tho


I use it for fx in a very similar way wonder why the ram is so skimpy seems like they could’ve used more but I’m no electronic engineer


Really like the vibe.
And that starshiparoundmyhead bass lead.


LOL fair. But FWIW I did read the manual, just overlooked this for some reason. I think the challenge for me was purchasing 3 Elektron boxes in a two month period (hey I had the cash and loved the Octatrack… so why not). Just a lot to absorb at once., even after putting in long hours.

I do think I’ve gotten a pretty good handle of most of what these bad boys are capable of.

And just to be clear I still feel the DT has some major limitations - mono sampling in a $700+ dollar sampler is not a minor restriction. And the pattern change bug not getting fixed until a year after launch was almost a dealbreaker. It wasn’t just sample loading / previewing :).

I think I’ve finally figured out how it fits into my workflow though (hopefully apparent with the posted track, which has drums from DT but also some addl shakers and drum hits from the OT).


Pattern change bug was the most significant hindrance for me, but ultimately as with most major bugs it was fixed.

Also wanna point put that while the dt eight tracks are mono the outputs on the box are stereo to account for the master effects and panning. There are a few tricks to help overcome mono samples because of this implementation.

Also track in original post is rad.


Years later, I still discover little things from sections of the manual I was certain that I had read before, repeatedly. I guess it’s all just too much to retain, especially when trying to learn more than one instrument at a time.

Now if I can’t figure something out, I ask if there’s a clever workaround to do something before I write off the possibility.

Mono samples are what the are. Somehow people still found a way to make interesting music with things like the SP-1200.

If I wanted stereo sampIing, I could buy two SP-303s for the price of a Digitakt but I discovered one was enough, and now I’m happier.


This is confusing to me. If you deem mono samples to be “not a minor restriction” why did you buy a mono sampler?


Nothing wrong with learning new things about the things we think we know well… :upside_down_face:


Because I didn’t realize how much I would notice the difference until I placed it side-by-side with a stereo sampler?

I mean do you always know the implications of a missing feature on every product you buy before you buy it?

Anyway like I said I’ve made it work well, there was just a learning curve in terms of what sounds are OK for me to bring in in mono vs ones that aren’t. I have found that if I bring in mostly dry samples with minimal reverb, those sound pretty good once you add on the DT reverb/delays if needed. Whereas samples that previously had a lot of stereo ambience, delay or reverb sound more fake on the DT even after adding its nice reverb/delay fx. Your mileage may vary…