The Syntakt Feature Request Thread

Good point.

Both Digitone and Syntakt have twice the amount of RAM that Digitakt has.

That’s probably because it’s just easier to use the same parts for all of them.
That still doesn’t mean DN or ST will get sampling, but it’s not a hardware restriction.

they weren’t and it’s been debunked a few times in earlier threads


CC86 (0=off, 1-127=on), but you need to send it to the track channel that should be added/removed.


I’m not too much of a technical person, but I think you are mixing up things here. The ST and DN have twice the amount of processing power of the CPU in comparison to the DT, if I remember correctly. I don’t think we have any official word on the RAM for the DN and ST.
But apparently not a lot:

Sorry, I don’t know how to properly quote when using my phone on this forum.

I’m not mixing up anything, they have two of the same CPU + RAM pairs.

Not official, but we do have pictures of all the PCB’s on which the memory chips are clearly visible.
Each CPU has 128MB of RAM to work with.

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Ah nice, thanks a lot for the information and sorry about calling you out for mixing things up. So I guess the statement regarding the “not a lot” means that not a lot of the available RAM is leftover for playing back samples?
In any case, I hope the syntakt will stay a synthesizer. Imho, samples would only make it unnecessarily convoluted with all the sample/sound management adjustments that would have to be integrated into the ST.


As a person who thinks it’s the perfect machine for her, but not having received the unit yet …


(like Boss HM-2 or Fuzz types! Because all the Bitcrushing, “Drive” (never enough) and Wavefolding yada yada doesn’t do it for me at all.)

Edit: … which I missed already on the Model:Cycles, and putting the whole output at once into pedals is not a good solution in the long run :wink:the Elektron Model:Cycles is a junkyard industrial percussion symphony - YouTube


I think the “not a lot” refers to overlap between the machines.
That could very well be software wise.

Although all these devices clearly share similarities and undoubtly also firmware code, that doesn’t mean that creating a “sample machine” to choose from wouldn’t mess things up.

If the firmware is made as a realtime OS, that would mean that every CPU cycle and calculation has to be accounted for. Anything that does not happen at the exact time it should happen would break the OS. Swapping synthesis algorhythms for sampling interpolation could very well have that effect.

The RAM thing is probably not the issue, the machine types shouldn’t take that much memory. But having free memory is not the only requirement.

I would like to see a sample player as a machine added to the ST, but only Elektron knows if it’s feasible.

If adding a sample player was planned (in the hardware), I can’t see a good motive for releasing it without that feature. To me, that means it’s far more likely we won’t see it. But this thread is all about dreaming :slight_smile:

I think the amount of (excess) RAM in the machines has nothing to do with planning or firmware.
I bet it’s just cheaper to buy 128MB chips, because who even makes smaller ones in bulk these days? Also buying one type of chip vs different ones for each machine stacks the discount on that one part.

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming about Elektron using all that memory for more machine types or sampling though.

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First of all, Welcome to the best Community on the Web.

The advantage of ST over M:C is Overbridge. Of course, if you produce exclusively on HW, this is irrelevant.

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Thanks and Hello!

I prefer my sounds to be finished in the box ready to be played live or to be recorded and mixed. Synths like DFAM or Bass Station II don’t need any processing (distortion or else) to sound huge. Almost all current synths/grooveboxes/… are disappointing to me, they all have some sort of “Drive”, but for my taste it does almost nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

As a counter example, Novation’s Circuit Tracks/Rhythm have great sounding and gripping distortion built in. However, I believe Syntakt can sound huge as well … and that’s why I ordered it :wink:



Same camp as you, my rhythm and db-01 have great distortion.



Cant wait to see what an update could bring to Syntakt. The Elektron updates are always pretty mind blowing. Additional machines that can’t be found on Cycles would be really cool. The potential for adding new digital machines in updates is so exciting with this “machines based” device.


Amazing product and design. Loving everything about it.

Here’s what I believe would make the Syntakt even more exquisite:

  1. Master Compressor
  2. Portamento trigger
  3. Digital Synth machine with polyphony
  4. Arpeggiator trigger

Oh didn’t catch this in the manual. Thank you

Has anyone requested to have FX + REC copy the FX track parameters and routings? Or am i missing an easy way to copy the whole FX page to another pattern?

I also wish you were able to get to the mutes by holding FUNC while on the FX page.

This would be a good freind to your Syntakt :blush: