The sticker I wish was included ;)

Edit: Download here


:rofl: I tried for 10 minutes to play melodies on it and thought, no chance, keyboard time!


Yeah it is kind of difficult to remember what notes are where, once I refine it so that it fits perfectly I’ll upload it to the forum.


You should let know as they are surely working on a line of M:C overlays.


I think it will probably be same for M:S too.

Nah, we make techno with that one.


Who needs “notes” anyway? :rofl:

This why they should add musical scales, 16 like novation mono station would be easy ( function+key 1 to 16).
16 keys would equal 2 full octaves.

Root key could be set via pitch knob

It is one of the features I asked for in the features requests thread…


Same :wink:

Remember to send them to support too


Thanks, I did not know that mail even existed

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Crucial, nice job. When I first saw it I thought OK cool well I get that it’s just in semitone steps and that’s cool but it sure would be nice if it had a little more of a nod to a traditional keyboard…

But isn’t it the case that Trig 1 e.g. isn’t always an E - isn’t there an internal keyboard shift which rotates the 16 key snippet being viewed, so the idea of a permanent legend is debatable unless you shift in multiples of 16 and then you won’t get the first four midi notes under the lowest E

it’s a shame they can’t delineate between e.g. white keys and sharps etc with a dimmer LED so folk can at least discern the pattern XxXxXXxXxXxX from brightness

… yeah



Yeah the KB can be shifted, this is the default though, so whilst not perfect at least somewhat useful when just noodling on the lap etc. Most of the time I will be using a keyboard when using in my setup.

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Ahhh didn’t know this, makes it a little less useful (but still nice job Daren!) and I agree about having some dimmer way or something to show the layout.


Here is my slightly more artsy solution with the stickers given… its a bit of a pain to cut them out so there is no extra clear around them but I think they look pretty cool, easy enough for me to remember that 9 is C. Wooo transparent stickers. :grin:


Sadly there is no octave jump shortcut on the Model line to my knowledge… instead you go into the track menu and you can transpose it up and down how ever much you want and set the pad note to whatever you want, but I figured I would put the stickers at the default setting.

Ah gotcha, I thought it might be like the Digitakt up and down arrows. I guess the transpose as much as you want option give you more flexibility so that’s cool too.

I don’t really know the works of, but when I read your comment I imagined an overlay that would make the Model: Cycles look like a Speak & Spell. Or maybe the math one… Speak & Math?

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I would buy that instantly.