The Prodigy's Keith Flint dies aged 49

Really sad news. To someone of my age, and living in North Essex, seeing them performing on Clacton pier at their free parties or the barn in Braintree, it does feel a bit closer to home than many other artists passing.


How terribly sad news, RIP legend.

What?!! No!!! :dismayed:

Farewell crazy rascal

Listening to them is what made me interested in electronic music.


Oh no. This was one of the most influential groups to me. I remember when I didn’t know any better I was doing prodigy drum patterns on on rebirth. Man time to play the back catalogue.

v00d00ppl = magic people voodoo people


Seen them, big day out in Australia…in the 90s
People were jumping up and down so hard the ground was moving like an earthquake…it was phenomenal…

I admire the legacy…and im chasing my pitcher as i type…

Rest in peace


So sad! :disappointed_relieved:

Ah Jesus…

Very, very sad news. :frowning:

sad news :frowning: RIP

Your Love.


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I’ve not been able to check yet, however it seems Liam has made a statement and it’s suggested he took his own life

Yes, he did.

Just want to mention that you can find a suicide helpline at in case you’d like to talk to someone.


Thanks for everything, Mr. Flint :heart:

I am heartbroken.

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RIP Keith.

I’m in shock, cause this week-end I’ve worked on a track inspired on prodigy sounds… I’ve released last night, and this morning this bad news :pensive:.


So sad to see a person take their own life.

RIP Keith.

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RIP :sob:

And breathe…


May your soul fly free Mr Flint

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