The Octatrack can be quite granular-esque [example inside]

Here’s a track I made using nikofeyn’s ideas. Oddly enough once I hit Play on the sequencer just one time to activate the Thru Machine, I still got audio out of the Thru even after I hit Stop. Maybe that’s always been a feature of the Thru.

Live instrument is Microbrute instead of guitar. Because of the Microbrute’s filter, I didn’t use the OT’s filter as much. I did use the LoFi as tremolo idea though.

This topic is probably more appropriate.

I also use lfos on start to modulate grains.

Did you plug your guitar directly in the OT ?

Talking to me? Yes, but not for granular.

no talking to @nikofeyn … but it can apply too :slight_smile: didn’t know i could plug an electric guitar directly in the OT … thought i needed a DA or something

@ML no, i didn’t go straight in. you need something that brings your guitar signal up to line level.

my guitar was going into my eleven rack and then out its line level output into the octatrack.


I often plug my (passive) basses straight in and get pretty good level…certainly can work :slight_smile:

Love your jam on guitar. Very nice!


Straight in, passive guitar.

Now I have to try it granularesquely. :slight_smile:


Guitar straight in, granular approach…


Lovely !


Granular percussions (Elektron demo sample). 128kbs mp3.

Principle : START defines the grain position, LEN (TIME mode) defines its length. I added an lfo on VOL matching LEN, in order to have fade in / fade out.

4 tracks, 4 instances of the sample with lfo on START.
At 2"30 I change TRIM Start / End values, it changes all instances trim.

Track 5 records and play CUE with feedback (CUE send), 1 octave up + reverb.

Comp + Delay on Master track.

(@Castor and @meshmachine if interested…)


Awesome setup!

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Fire :fire:

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This is exactly what I’m after. Thank you.

Are you applying the TRIG COUNT condition to every trigger on every track?

How do you octave up track 5 playback while recording on the same track without the audio cutting out / glitching as the play head passes the record head?

No envelope need with it. I added trig counts, but there are not essential.

Lfo is an lfo designer making a tri wav
Step 1 = -127
Step 2 = 0
Slides everywhere (trig + tempo).

Constant pitch up is a secret recipe for the moment. :content:
I used 2 recorders. :wink:


Teaser : I’m still working on this, not easy, but I had very interesting results with realtime granular approach from incoming audio, radio for instance (possible with an existing sample).

Setup with 6 voices (6 tracks sampling grains), 1 track for grains preparation (delay, pitch, feedback), and 1 master fx track.

The grains track let you apply an envelope to grains (per step), and the 6 voices record those steps (RLEN=1).

I play the 6 voices with midi plays free tracks, with 6 defined notes, 6 different channels corresponding to track 1-6. They send recording note, then a chromatic sample trigger.


Please, how do you record and play live 1 octave up while recording ? Thank you

You can play 1 octave up with 1 step delay (recording, flex play 1 step after).

Using 2 recorders for the same flex, alternating recordings with sample locks, you are free to pitch, reverse, loop with any length.

With short loops (small LEN values), you can play record with pitch up just after 3-4 microtiming values.

Setting LEN to small values (32,16,8,4,2,1), you get higher octaves.

I recorded a (not fully satisfying) example tonight, upload tomorrow.


Other approach : use tuned slices : 64 slices corresponding to notes, at the beginning of a pre-sliced recording. Weird example I made before, crossover between incoming signal and realtime sampling, pitch determined by slices. Now it’s possible to play them with a synth.


Audio example to give an idea, can be better. I didn’t modulate voices.
Incoming signal > grains track > 5 voices playing with midi Plays Free tracks (at 39s)
Suggestions welcome.