The new Octatrack MKII Cuckoo video performance thing

This is not precisely a tutorial or anything. But I thought it’d be cool to create a video of exactly why I love the Octatrack,
So, here’s a video of me making a song/ jam with the new Octatrack MKII, heavily edited :wink:


Share some thoughts on the differences after some time with the box? Your jams always have a distinct bouncy quality, I think your music is very you, from how you come across in vids anyway. By the way your videos helped me a lot when starting with mark 1 so nice one for that

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  1. I think the new buttons are much nicer to push, which is overall making for a much more pleasant user experience. This might seem vain, but it’s probably on the top of my list of improvements. It makes me faster. And it feels better.

  2. The new dedicated buttons for Audio Editor, Parts, and save project shortcut, is quickly becoming my favourite buttons. Also part of making me faster.

  3. The screen is super clear, and viewable from any angle. This is a huge improvement over the MKI screen that suffers from limited viewing angles. Although, I’m not sure everyone care about this, the refresh rate, or rather “the blackout duration” combined with the refresh rate, on the new OLED screens is a bit on the hefty side for me… if you’re sensitive to flickering. Since OLED screens lights up, then blacks out, then lights up again, really fast, there will be perceivable flickering to the naked eye, unless the refresh rate is really really fast, which it isn’t. I would have liked if the screen refresh rate was doubled. I can feel the flickering. So both pros and cons on the screen they’ve chosen, in my opinion.

  4. Users with high quality demands will probably appreciate the balanced inputs… But for my personal use, it hasn’t made any difference that I’ve noticed.


That above was supposedly a reply :wink:

You certainly make it all look very fun!

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Your sampling and jamming workflow looks really snappy. I’m going to have to borrow/steal some of your tricks here.

Thanks mate! Steal everything you find helpful and inspiring! I’m a very melody/ song based person, so my way of jamming often tends to lean towards melodic jam styles. I think this video showcases why I love the Octatrack!


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great, propulsive jam… love the dry/acoustic drum samples, where are they from? sounds similar to those used for the recent animation-accompaniment set/performance on youtube… really great (natural-sounding) qualities

The samples are from a NI drumpack called Abbey Road something. Can’t recall which one. Indie… I think? The Abbey Road packs are pretty darn great!

The Continuum performance I was using a collection of samples from some Japanese stuff and Some mixed tabula and orchestral stuff that I downloaded a hundred years ago… :slight_smile: