The new Electribe is very good!


Yep. Several times - often with a band too; it’s one way to ramp up the excitement and/or stress levels. Sometimes I even got to pay for the privilege of doing so… but it was fun, and I’d do it again if there was any sort of audience where I am now (and I had transport for getting home afterwards!)


I guess I have done it too but it was a free party so there was the added elements of stress about sound system breaking down and/or police busting the party, and/or having the gear stolen. The good old days!


I have a terrible teaching schedule this semester (a four hour break between classes, 45 minutes away from home, twice a week). I might just have to pick up this app.

FWIW in 2018…I’ve owned both the new Electribes and now own a Sampler again. I think the sampler is pretty usable, especially as a one-shot/drum sequencer. Having a pretty hybrid setup though, I’m thinking of selling again. I’m basically just “clicking in” beats like I would in my DAW anyway. For myself, I’m making the process more complicated, I think, by making beats OTB with the Electribe. I think I’m going to sit on it for a while and see if I miss it.


The good old days indeed - been there, done all of those (including the gear being nicked, and have had people try, even in the middle of the street loading out afterwards).

The only time my ESX failed me (trying to stay on topic here…) was thanks to too many other devices drawing too much current onstage on tour; but swapping out the US 110v power supply for a 220/240v version fixed that, thankfully.


Very cool stuff. Dancedancedance quickly became my favourite, though I liked how you used them Duke samples on Trudge. Much enjoyable, thanks for showing me this.


I really like the Electribe (i have the grey one). I even had it with me at my last camping trip. But I kind of hate the way how you enter the notes. I usually end up setting every single note via the screen and the menue. But something that’s kind of special is that you can tie all notes together, so that the sounds changes the note seamlessly without triggering them. I made a complete track with it, but it’s always a resource management in the end (I actually enjoy this part). I really hope Korg is gonna make a new Electribe with more synthesis options (it‘s very limited on the current tribe!) and include the sample part complete instead of making two different machines…


I like the electribe grey too. I made this tune with it:

Unfortunately the XY pad stopped working :-/


Thank you for the kind words!


I haven’t used mine as much lately but I still have it. It’s a lot more capable than you might think at first glance. The filters sound really good and there are enough oscillator sounds to get a huge range of sounds. I think it’s something you need to spend time with to really start abusing it’s limitations. I always end up with something that sounds really good coming out of it and I think that is all you can ask for with a piece of music equipment.

This thread has reminded me to revisit it again. Just had a baby so this might be the perfect time to pop in some batteries and sit close by while he sleeps.


Hi Guys,

Was wondering if anyone had experience with those units, I’m really hesitating between both. I’ve seen r beny’s videos of ambient with the Electribe 2 but I understand the sampler one also has synth abilities. Any Opinions?



My suggestion is to save up and get a Deluge, so you get the best of both

Otherwise I’d go for the sampler, but that’s because I sample a lot.


Reviews online say the blue electribe 2, the synth one is the better of the two. Additionally there is a firmware hack that changes the e2 into the e2s.


I had the e2 and it was ok-ish… I started to dislike it when I found out that it did not work with my iconnectivity midi 4+ because of it’s poor MIDI DIN implementation, so I sold it… If you Plan to use it standalone then Go for it, I found it lacking freedom after three weeks already…


I had the sampler version. Then I sold it for a Digitakt, which I wish I’d done earlier, because the DT is better in almost every way. e2s is a very annoying sampler. Go for the blue one.


Same here, had the red one, sampling memory is not enough , sample management , even with a software is pita, you are limited to 16 bit ,but most of samples banks nowadays are 24bit so you have to convert…
all the things said above are true, i may give a try to the blue one somedays but the red is a no go for me. bought the octatrack and i 'm happy. time stretching is horrible too, an slice management is dumb. poor machine


I’ve wanted either for years as a “not too worried about it getting damaged” road buddy. However, there is a strong concensus that it emits a high freq. noise somewhere in the 10 - 15khz area (If memory is serving me well) that has prevented me from purchasing. I periodically check korg forums to see if it’s been fixed via firmware or manufacturing changes but no good news yet.
Some claim it’s only when “audio in” is engaged, others claim it’s omnipresent.


I had the e2s, and I got a lot out of it. It was a good companion in a band context. However, being a longtime software and Moog user I found it lacking in terms of “Synthy controls” and sample manipulation. When I made the jump to an Octatrack, I flipped it. Sample time is also pretty short.

I would recommend it, overall, but I don’t miss it after going elektron.


Probably the synth one specifically because of management woes with the sampler version… As far as the overall they have there issues for sure but if you goal is to make music fast I think they are some of the best as far as offering good flexibility while also still letting you make music really quickly. Compared to an elektron they offer way less freedom even though. I’d say save yourself the hassle an get the blue. A lot of what you do with it will still require little tricks and workarounds. The synth engine and filter emulations are pretty great sounding but your sound variety mostly comes from track animation and selecting from a huge list of oscillator types still you can get some good variety in there… a could make a huge list of all the problems with the E2 but it is still I think one of the fastest ways to get a nice sounding track if you dont need microtiming.


A friend of mine had this and fixed it by replacing the power supply. Apparently it’s an issue with some Korg PSUs.

I had an E2S and did not have that problem.


I have both (well the grey and black versions) for the money they are great, they do have shortcomings such as voice dropping and the sampler is a bit limited, out of the 2 I think the synth version is a bit better, but the sampler does have some of its features and can be loaded up with custom waves to effectively be almost the same but with less filter types.

The sound is better than some people tend to say, in fact I was surprised recently when using my Deluge side by side with the electribe synth - the electribe sounded a bit fuller overall for quite a few sounds, it has a nice punch to it. At £250 each I don’t really think its fair to compare them to more expensive units, and provided you can live with some of the flaws they are pretty solid if your expectations are reasonable - Legowelt uses them and you can hear some of the sounds in his productions if you are familiar with them.

The analog sync and battery power (albeit not very long life but enough for a liveset) are handy, I have not noticed any high pitched whine on mine, I suspect it is a psu issue as already mentioned above though.

So in summary not perfect but good bang for buck IMHO.