The new Electribe is very good!


The electribes are great, very capable and some of the features are excellent, but the main problem is the voice stealing which has never been resolved, I have both the synth version and the sampler and both suffer with dropped voices, weird because the EMX and ESX never had such issues. Still, for the prices you can buy them for they offer a lot of bang for the buck and sound great.


Well that’s weird, I only own the synth version, and I never got to the point where it started dropping voices – even though I made two EPs and an album using it.
But of course it’s a matter of how you use your voices. Were you using lots of chords, lots of polyphonic tracks? I believe 20 voices are no problem, after that it might start to drop some.


To elaborate on my experience with it, there seems to be little logic to what causes it, for example sometimes it can happen in less busy patterns and not in more complex ones, I think it might be related to the sequencer rather than the sound source, or it maybe a combination of factors. I tried turning off the filter and insert fx for parts that did not need them, and using less complex synth types but it can still happen. Full disclosure though the electribes are not a mainstay in my setup, I only use them occasionally often just on their own, so it could be that I’m overlooking something, I guess I should check the firmware too as I have not checked for a few months.


The internal ‘Groove Templates’ can de-emphasize specific notes in a sequence, maybe in certain contexts it could sound like something’s dropping out…?
Also, I usually set my tracks to ‘Mono’ by default and only use ‘Poly’ when necessary, to avoid said voice limit, which is pretty high for a groove box, but still there.

EDIT: to make things more confusing, you can also assign choke groups and priority to the tracks. I admit I have missed assigned choke groups on my tracks in the past, which resulted in ‘dropped voices’ until I went to check in the sub-menus and found the two tracks to be choking each other. In my case, user error, not the machine’s fault.


With the tribe only? Can you point me to it? I’d love to hear a complete work done on these. I have Mistabishis full-lengther and follow Millolab, which I think is the best example of the Electribe in use on its own. But I’d love to hear your work on it.


Sure! This track is full on grey electribe 2, every single sound except for the vocal taken from an old interview with Duke Ellington, chopped on OT.

The other tracks on the EP use electribe and some, wait for it, rhythm wolf :wolf:

Then later, in 2016, also loads of electribe 2 and RYTM for beats and sub, but also using a borrowed tt-303 for acid and my mother32 for the spooky high synth:

Non techno album, using electribe for all song demos, later elaborated using OT, RYTM and Mother, TR-8, ableton:


I bought an Electribe 2 a couple of years ago. Returned it to the shop after a week as it was rather lame. Like all of Korg’s current products, it was little more than a toy. There was some pretty basic functionality missing from the sequencer. I guess it’s not bad as a cheap sketchpad for putting down some ideas outside the studio. I saw someone comparing it to the Tempest in this thread and had to laugh. :confounded:


I had to return it once because one of the buttons stopped working. Korg replaced the whole motherboard.
But even today, using it much less than three years ago, I wouldn’t sell it.
It’s got one of the quickest workflows and a very usable sound, despite its various shortcomings.
Tempest never tempted me because I knew I’d feel bad carrying 2 grand to every gig. What if someone spills a drink in it? Steals it?


That’s the thing with doing live sets. Until you get to the point where you’re getting paid in the 3-digit figures it’s hard to justify the risk and the hassle.


Well, I do get paid 3 digit figures for performing my music, but my main workhorse is the Octatrack and a mixer, so i already have a 4 digit number on the table… I envy the Djs who arrive with a usb stick and get 5 digit figures for their appearance…


Where are you based? But yeah DJs without even vinyl is a fucking joke.


Zürich, Switzerland. You?


UK. Over here everyone and his dog is making electronic music so it’s pretty hard to get exposure as a live act unless you know the right DJs :confused:


Thanks! I’ll be sure to check it out👍


There’s an app on iPad called Groove Rider GR-16, which is to all intents and purposes a Korg Electribe. It’s really good.


Yeah I hear you… I ran a night here for three years that would only feature live electronics, just for the reason you mentioned.
UK is hard to get into… had a couple of gigs in London in the mid noughties, but demand for live sets is centered on novelty acts and hyped names… what to do…


Thanks :pray:


I’ve been using quite a bit recently, perfect lunch-time music fix.
In a way it’s even better than the Electribe as the edit mode is simpler and more accessible.


That’s why I started my own night in the end… and even played a set with an Electribe ESX, come to think of it.


Running a club night AND playing live at it. :astonished: