The new Electribe is very good!


I tried using my Minifooger Drive yesterday to boost the Electribe. It works wonders with the sound, make it beatiful, but it’s a mono device so eventually, it just gets too crowded in the center field, so to speak :slight_smile:

Such a shame, the Minifoogers sound delicious. Would’ve been a spectacular combo and boost right into the Rytm.


You can always buy 2 Minifoogers…


Or a dual drive pedal like a VS-XO


Found the first track made with the new electribe that I actually like. It has somewhat of a unique, non-generic, albeit MonoMachine-esque sound to it.…of-st-nicholas

My wallet just got itchy.


This video shows yet again that as always its mostly the man NOT the machine.


You can always buy 2 Minifoogers…[/quote]
You know, this idea didn’t let go. Not sure if you just said it matter of factly, but this is happening, and it’s happening TOMORROW, yes.
Already looking forward to it.


Agree it’s pretty Good. I was septical at first about the quality of the pads and also the XY pad like kaos pad…

Sure the Synthesis is not as good as the KingKorg (i honestly surely buy one KingKorg then) Because modulation matrix is huge on the KingKorg… 3 Oscillators x 2 Timbres with kind of same PCM like the Electribe but there’s only 1 Oscillator (with trick like double waveform and the possibility to detune them like a kind of unison) Of course Harmony modes and chords can help on it…

I find it very great with a lot of sound shaping capability… my only regret is synthesis on it and modulation because one slot is very not enough.

A pad chaining should be nice to work on it a layering way
Anyway for the price and 16parts it’s really nice. To export full Live Set from this 16 parts directly in an Ableton Live project it’s amazing.

I buy the sampler too when it’s released.


I have one and I have a love/hate relationship with it.

Some days I complain about the poor quality of the effects, reverb especially and the sequencer (the A4 spoiled me on both), but then I come up with nice-sounding patterns that make me really like it.

For example, this is the structure of a song I’m working on at the moment, EMX2 only, patterns exported to SD card and resequenced in Live, no mixing/eqing or any other effect apart from normalisation on export and it doesn’t sound half bad.

Of course I would love an Analog Rytm, but I can’t morally justify having both…

One thing I learned about the EMX2 is that it can have some clicking noises, so lower the volume when producing and eventually normalise each track after exporting/before mixing…


I find the new electribe very interesting, but didn’t have a chance to try it out by myself yet. What I miss for my workflow is the song mode from the old devices. Maybe I could send pattern change from my elektrons - but my old EMX1 I always had to use as Master, because in slave mode the touch pad/arpegiator couldn’t really be used. Does anybody have experience how the touch pad of the new electribe works in slave mode?


Actually, having had my doubts about it, then hailing it as something awesome, I’ve now put it up for sale.

I still think it’s a great piece of gear, but it’s approach to doing a lot of things and aiming for a complete solution makes me more sensitive to the way it sounds. And it sounds great, but I prefer grittier and messier, and it’s quite clean.

Given the in comparison limited options for sound design, you basically need to like its foundations or there’s not much you can do about it.

So for me, it comes down to preference of sound, but not in quality but in tonality. I could very well see myself return to the Electribe2 in the future, but for now, I’m in the dirt, and the E2 is not filthy enough.


I’m thinking of returning my Volca sample and getting an Electribe. Thoughts?

I’m realizing there’s nothing my OT or AR can’t do that the Volca can. In fact, the Elektron machines are far superior.

But for an all in one device, that’s portable, the Electribe looks nice.



Still haven’t sold my grey box and i find it amazingly tight when slaved to the OT.
Much better midi sync than the emx and esx.


I think the Volca Sample is unique in many ways, though. It’s a swiss army knife of sample art, its directness being key. In this, it offers something the OT and AR don’t - immediacy, like there’s no delay between your idea and its execution.
The Electribe is great in many ways, but it’s a mirage. It’s not an all in one device. The way it’s designed, you’ll find limitations where you usually don’t expect them in music hardware today, but also surprisingly creative and qualitative results in areas you wouldn’t expect at a unit in that price range.
It sounds great, to be honest. It’s a breeze to work with. It really is portable. And you can make complete tracks with it. Just not in ways you’d expect, maybe.


^ True dat - and what a setting to jam in!!


^ True dat - and what a setting to jam in!![/quote]
This guy always seems to pick his settings with care.
I’ve seen him play by a pool, in some kind of empty warehouse with a great river view and now this mountain location.
With all the crap circulating on Youtube and anywhere on the web really, it’s just great to see someone work with the details on all levels.


Silly question here, But how do you sync it, since it has just mini jacks ?


It comes with mini jack to midi adapters.

Here’s a track I did on the the Emx2 only, played live.

I’m still torn about it, I like it, sometimes love it, but I’m always aware of how fucking awful the sequencer is for any kind of melodic content, the sequencer on the A4 spoiled me big time…


The sequencer on the EMX2 compared to the A4 is very weak - certainly for melodies. Correcting mistakes or changing/copying? Not there.

What I found amazing about the A4 is how it just remembers everything, even if you switch it off. The EMX2? Whoops, just turned the main pattern knob and all those changes gone! ARGH!


That extra $900 really does wonders! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Has Anyone tried the sampling model yet?! Not even sure if it’s out tbh.