The new Electribe is very good!


The numbers are literally the samples. i.e., if you sample at a rate of 44.1 kHz, sample point number 44100 will be one second into the sample.


That’s interesting!
I bet it’s the same for the MPC 500 & Korg MicroSampler too (also chops by number)


Out of pure curiosity, I remember I used to check out the old electribe units and still consider them to be amazing boxes. Then they announced Electibe 2 (with a sampler version).

I read somewhere that they released them way too early (and the sampler way too late past the initial maketing hype). I heard there was a terrible “bug” where small 16 step patterns were making a pause when being chained. I heard that the sampler model had a ton of “bad” samples.

So all this is from Google searching, forums…old forums. But nothing recent. Korg seems to be a big and a proffesional company, have they really abandoned 2 of their most accesible grooveboxes? The famous electribes have been quitely put to death? Honestly I find it hard to believe. The legacy of the original electribes is very strong, you could have picked up a used one years ago and still sell it today for minimal loss (if any). It’s hard to imagine Electribe 2 wouldn’t picked up with support and fixes.


Dunno bout these Problems, never owned an Electribe 2. But in regard to further development: Maybe Korg just realized that Elektron has everyone covered with their Boxes in that respect? Maybe they see that the TR-8s is also a big competition to the good old Electribes? Maybe they just see a saturated Market here and wanna focus on something else?

Im just guessing. I once owned an Electribe EMX and it was a great Machine. But i always missed the extra edge which i then got with my first Machinedrum after i sold the EMX. Had no interest in the Electribe 2 at all. Once you are comfortable with the Elektron Sequencer, you cannot work with something less intuitive i assume …


what do you mean by “original electribes” ?

The er-1 is still fun. Ea-1 always sucked.

In the second generation, the ESX is good fun too, although the sound quality is shitty.

The third generation (what you call electribe 2.0) feels like unfinished products.

Of course there’s no way I could go back to these now that I have a Digitakt.


Had both. The synthesizer version was fun and portable. The sampler was a headache to use samples that weren’t just one shots.
Sold em both because I needed something more adequate. Aka the digitakt.


Haha yes sorry I wasn’t specific enough, I took all the original models and bunched them together. It was Korg’s decision to call the latest ones “Electribe 2”


Yes, strange decision from Korg.

This, I did with Electribe third gen (aka Electribe 2):

This, I did with Korg ESX (drums) and Moomachine (synths):


Monomachine, not “Moonmachine” :rofl:


Oh “acid house for all”…hey speaking of acid house, I lost track of pretty much all deep house music since the 90s. I am looking for some albums in the style of your first track, something acid housy, deep but groovy. No vocals if possible. Throw everything my way please :slight_smile:


well, it’s just a name I use because I like the “acid house for all ep” released on Definitive recordings (see ). I don’t do that much acid house really. About your request, maybe try Larry Heard “dance 2000” ? I think it ages very well.


Cool track, but I like yours better. You must know something that sounds like the track you made.


Early plastic city stuff ? Terry Lee Brown junior’s chocolate chords ? I listened to this one a lot back in those days.


My latest with the E2 synth. Learned to love it. You got to hear Mistabishi’s latest work with it, very underrated machine.


See I think it’s strange that many people go for either the E2S or Digitakt, but don’t use both simultaneously. I think they cover each other’s strengths and weaknesses. I imagine using the DT as a drum machine and to sequence the E2s as a rompler would be a wonderful set up.

One of my least favorite things about the DT was the lack of polyphony for sample tracks. Sometimes a man’s just wants to write in some chords without resampling. You could even run the DT audio into the E2s for those kaospad style effects for resampling or performance.


Instead of creating a great product, Korg decided to make just an ok product and abandon support for it after a year or so. I’ll never take Elektron’s firmware updates for granted again.


I’m selling my 2S cuz I just got a DT!

PM me if you’re in the US and interested


Smooth track, and a seemless transition between scenes, so I guess the “pause” that people were talking about has been fixed a while ago? Can you sequence external gear?


Thanks, you can - each track is a separate channel 1 to 16. One let down is that recorded automation isn’t sent theough midi. Each track can be 4 notes polyphonic though. Manual note input is a bit PITA, I would rather play it in live. And yes - no pause.


Mistabishi’s latest - probably the best you’ll hear from the latest gen Tribes. This is the sampler in this video.