“The misogyny at Moog”

A pretty disheartening article from the Asheville blade.

My personal experience with American work culture is not great, so I’m not really that surprised.

But for a company which has branded itself as a company that stands for women’s rights, this is pretty disheartening to read. There’s of course two sides of the story, BUT this alleged problem really has no place in any company.

And on a personal side I’ve myself opted out of working for company’s with toxic work culture (yes, they exist in Sweden as well), my personal experience is that a diverse work force creates a better work culture and the companies I’ve enjoyed working for the most have been the companies with the most diverse work force with gender, race and creeds from all across the world. A homogeneous work force is not good, full stop.


Awful story. I’ve faced my fair share of physical intimidation and violent threats by managers and workmates, so under these circumstances I’d absolutely be doing my best to get something done about it too.

But while I agree that workplace abuse should never ever ever be tolerated, why the fuck is this article being published before the courts have come to a resolution?? It’s completely inappropriate.

Edit: I suspect this thread is gonna blow up, so I’ma gonna go ahead and mute it now. Enjoy the carnage!

Edit 2: mute it later. Im still curious…

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“Less than 10% not cishet male” Sounds about right.

This doesn’t come as a shock and I don’t feel bad for them.

I’ve always appreciated Moogs positioning, but this goes to show while it’s easy to post a pic on IG, it’s quite another matter to properly address internal structures. That goes doubly for individuals.


You raise a fair point, maybe it was fear of this case being buried, I don’t know tbh.

On your other note, I have faith in my fellow nauts, that we can keep a civil discourse…


Bummer, they make good synths. I’ll still buy Moog products but hope they get every punishment the court can give & change their ways.

Definetly, corporate wokeness is really a sleazy practice imo. I think “The Boys” really did a good way of highlighting that, their critique was against Marvel though.

Edit: I had faith in Moog that it wasn’t just corporate wokeness, but if these allegations are true then that seems like it was just corporate wokeness.

It usually goes this way…at least in the States…a journalistic outfit gets word of a court case and writes on it.

Courts aren’t always the best arbiters of justice, anyway, whatever the powers claim.

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Damn… I completely fell for the “employee-owned” firm known for progressive attitudes :angry:

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But they certainly are the only ones we should rely on. Whatever the internet mob claim.


Why would they want to keep a guy like this in the company? He sounds like a childish little prick who probably doesn’t do his job right.


Yes yes, ofc ofc.

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And so should you. No foul on your part for buying Moog since the case hasnt even gone to court… I’m still really fascinated by SUBH, but like I said, it’s disappointing, still.

Nah, public pressure via the media is also needed. Otherwise they can sweep the whole thing under the rug, pay reparations and keep on truckin’ like before. Blow the lid off it and they might be forced to change or risk losing customers. It’s a company, not a person.



Pressure and justice are two different things. Lets leave the latter to the best qualified.

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Corporations are by definition completely amoral. The only way to keep them in line is strict legislation, strong unions and public shaming whenever necessary.


I agree, and @xidnpnlss link above just confirms this even more.

It becomes a problem when it becomes a lynch mob against people though. So I think it’s important to try and keep some sort of balance, you know not go into full riot mode and also not being totally apathetic towards the allegations.


Misoginy unfortunately will continue to strive if we continue to doubt the words of a victim. I think we should always start by believing any “allegations” even if once in a while there is someone who lies.

And I am pretty sure that you believe her as you posted this article.


It’s not about doubt, it’s about investigation of claims, prior to judgement.