The MIDI Thru port

Manual says the MIDI THRU port can be configured to do DIN SYNC out.

So, if set to DIN SYNC, is this a port just blasting that out always, or is it always still related to what’s received at the MIDI IN? (Which, of course, is what a MIDI THRU port usually does)

Might depend on what you’re looking to do but it ceases to act as a thru port in that mode and acts as a dedicated sync-out.

So if you had transport coming in via Midi, but you had your Digi set to internal clock and had the Sync B set as Din Sync, then what would come out is your Digi transport/clock, not the midi one.

This is a pretty nifty feature if you happen to need it. I found it super useful when I had a 606.

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Basically trying to see whether the Syntakt can help translate MIDI clock from Logic to DIN sync clock signal to my semi-modulars, and the start of my modular addiction.

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it will only relate to the midi in in terms of transport and tempo, nothing else - I say relate in that it’s nothing to do with MIDI anymore but a repurposing to an older standard using different pins

the output is kinda explained here

yes, it should

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