The many incarnations of the Octatrack MKII


Try Octatrack…

It’s more than just a sampler, it’s a way of life… :notes::sparkles:


Appreciate your generosity with what you’ve learned. As a fellow guitarist I’m looking to use OT same way, just so engrossed in sampling and mangling with it right now.


Here is my Octatrack unplugged !
Octatrack only, no samples, no inputs, just self oscillation and resampling with feedback…
Weird I admit, but if you break your CF reader…


This is awesome! Well done




Lots of experimental, unconventional techniques of the OT in this thread!! Love it! Keep me coming!


I really wish Elektron hadn’t borked the pickups so much, or actually I just wish that flex recorders had proper overdub, without needing to use workarounds.

Still, don’t want to rain on the parade, has anyone ever experimented with cascaded track recorders? So track 1 is listening to input AB, a stereo source like for example a radio is plugged in and tuned to something interesting, track length is whatever you want, play and record trigs wherever you want, don’t forget trig conditions. Track 2 has a different length and mult to track 1, its flex recorder is listening to track 1, play and record trigs set as required, trig conditions as required, vastly different pitch and fx settings than track 1, repeat this idea for as many more tracks as you want, each subsequent track listening to the previous, trig conditions and different track lengths on each. Seems like a nice way to get some interesting and unexpected stuff happening.


Wouldn’t an unplugged Octatrack only make clicky sounds from the buttons? :wink:


I did it, but even with 2 cascaded Flex playing recordings it’s getting very crazy !
Flex machines can be used as Neighbor, Thru, Pickup with overdub, Master track…


I made a live radio project just last night with some pretty nice results. It was set up like this:

  • Tracks 1-2 are flex recorder/playback flex 1 buffer- track 1 64 steps, 1 shot rec trig on step 1, track 2 playback 64 random trigs with tweaks
  • Tracks 3-4 same but flex 3 buffer, 1-shot rec trig on step 17, for playback random trigs are pitched down an octave with tweaks
  • Tracks 5-6 same but flex 5 buffer, 1-shot rec trig on step 33, for playback track random trigs every other step with some retrigs, plays in reverse and up an octave with tweaks
  • Tracks 7 THRU machine for #DT create patterns quickly in response to whatever the OT pieces together from the recording playback, help hold it all together
  • Track 8 master track
  • press Yes to arm all, and everything changes and stays in sync with relatively predictable results. Even fun to change the station or introduce static during recording on the 3 rec tracks


Here is a great source of radio - essential for me as reception in my area is virtually non existent indoors.


My OT features an “auto enlightenment” button that I programmed… No inputs, it use a track but it’s similar.
It plays an Alan Watts lecture in silence through fx and that is being resampled to another track that warps and shoots out blurps of it occasionally. That track is being resampled with rate shifts and things, and then that track is resampled/warped further again for a total of 3 resamples from the original track… Different track lengths, mutiple recorder/play trigs, etc…

The result is that I can press my “auto-enlightnment button” and over my jam I get occasional wise spiritual statements being played at multiple rates through effects, and the flex tracks sort of delay and repeat what is said but through different effects and rates… I never no what it’s going to say but I always like it… :slight_smile:

I got more too, but I thought I’d mention that one… :rofl:


I plan to make an “auto singing” button. :slight_smile:
Plock of sliced samples with different sung words.
Plock 1 > Subject
Plock 2 > Verb
Plock 3 > Adjective
Random Lfo on slices…


that is crazy cool OT fodder right there, thanks for the link!


Yes some interesting and very weird sounds to be found, SW radio is the twilight zone :slight_smile:


Whoa that’s cool… I like that it’s actually controlling a radio receiver in some far off land…
Bookmarked for later and it reminds me to look for other strange cool things like that out there on the interwebz…


That’s too awesome man, please do that and record what it says… :slight_smile:


I’m starting to think we all should do this with the exact same setup, and compare what or OT’s tell us…

Possibly plug in OT terms and things and have it tell us to change parts, patterns, and whatever else randomly and do what it says… :joy:


Octomancy: Sonic divination done solely with an 8-track performance sampler.


Maybe Octamancy :thinking: :loopy: