The "Let's have a positive thread" thread

Listen to the whole album! Always gave me a release. Gave me the strength to feel instead of surpress


just think how good the parties will be once its all over :laughing:


I want to create a elevated patch to grow my own salad, its offering a whole lot of new things to learn - i also bought a more recent computer, to enable myself to dig even deeper into virtualization /kubernetes /KVM.

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Underrated sentiment. A lot of people are looking for ways to change the world, but simply being a positive person can have an inestimable effect. It ripples out and who knows how far it goes.


When this works for programmers, it might also work for other jobs.

'(Construction /CAD /Art etc.)

I’m happy today, and i’m listening to The Köln Concert by Keith Jarrett

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You clearly don’t live in the US! :worried:

Good luck and be well!

  1. This whole panic and existential dread is inspiring me to get a better relationship with God

  2. My work mandated remoting in means I no longer have to set an alarm for work, so I’m getting more we’ll rested.

  3. I’ve got a stockpile of booze for the quarantine, which eliminates the fear at the end of the day when further unfortunate developments come through

  4. I just recently started my 401K so the dropping stocks aren’t going to hurt me too bad, and might actually benefit me when the stocks rise back up.

  5. I’ve got 14-30 days free of the fear of farting in public or walking around with my fly undone



Yes those of us with social anxiety are the real winners here

There’s a rumour going around where I am that weed’s going to be legalized to encourage people to stay at home on the sofa


I do not :slight_smile: I’m a Swede. While hospitals are strained, so far society’s fairly level headed. But we’re a selfish and entitled lot, so there’s a burning match there somewhere, just hasn’t been lit enough yet.

After several months of bushfires (now mostly extinguished) and the worst air quality in history, I can finally put this stupid mask away

Summer’s almost over, but there’s a few more weekends left for BBQ’s with friends and families before the autumn sets in.
Oh, and I just bought the Ventris dual reverb :partying_face:

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Best one yet.


I’m going to spend this time getting better at cooking. Also to get deep with octatrack and more piano technique


Going to try and make the best out of the isolation time by getting a lot of recording done.


Don’t forget what Daft Punk says, that’s really important: MAKE LOVE :heart_eyes::star_struck:

You clearly don’t live in Canada


Cleared the weeds from my front garden!
Flushed out the redbacks!
Fixed the sun shade!
Saw a Wedge Tailed Eagle!
Transfered some aloe vera into a pot for my woman!
About to record a new track!

Ooooof! Slaying it today.:muscle:


I predict (and hope for) a surge of good music and software from around the world!


we need the inevitable “I tested positive” thread to be labelled very clearly after this one

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