The "Let's have a positive thread" thread

With all the sh*t going down, all one hears at the moment is negative. My girlfriend and I decided this wasnt the way we wanted to go through this. We then decided to think of ways and things to do to make best of the current situation.

Current plans:

  • Get more partner time in. Daily life and routines sometimes minimize this. why not use this?
  • Have some fun with fotoshootings at home. (no, not what you are thinking… well, maybe that too). when we look back and see the fotos, we’ll have something else to look at that was fun and most importantly was fun at the time
  • I plan on getting my social media shit going. so, artist portraits, studio pictures will get shot. videos of work in progress. then I’ll start feeding different plattforms.
  • I was thinking of doing one on one “teaching”. I’m no pro, but if there is something I can teach you and you are interested, let me know. I do house/techno. current projects are found in the “share your tunes” thread. maybe skype or whatever. all free of charge of course, I just feel like doing this. to that, if we are actually isolated, we’ll have some more contact to the world this way. I speak english and german fluently.

take this all seriously, but make the best out of it.


I’m with you - Make the best of it. And what better time to focus on some tunes, too. Anyone for a Lockdown EP?


oh, also, maybe someone wants to get some collab in. think that is a good way to develope some new skills. like “hey cool, how did you do that?” and then talking and learning.


Im in. maybe we could have a theme for it.


Soundtrack for a party at the end of the world


“Lets have a positive thread” thread. you just failed :joy:

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I actually had in mind more of a celebration of our existence and one night of being totally mental, but point taken :joy:


Couple of days ago, I ordered a batch of supplies to my home. Diapers for the youngest one, oats for a few weeks if it comes to that, nuts and dried fruit. No excess, just to keep us going if we need to stay at home. Guy who delivered, never seen him before. He put the bags down by my door, a yard or so away. We looked at each other, and he said: “Here you go, sir. Have a great evening. And take care.” I told him back: “You be careful, okay?”

We were strangers. But it was clear, we were in this together, just in different ways. Considerate with the distance, making sure it’s all okay, and we’ll get through this. I felt a sense of community I haven’t done for awhile.


I’ll fire away another one -

Boss called yesterday. Said, “Look, it seems people are concerned. Let’s just tell everyone they can work from home now. Government’s doing a good job, but we can do our part.”

So we spent the better part of the evening setting this up, and now anyone who wants to, can work from home.


Great idea! The constant negative feed coming in from all sides has kinda started doing my head in.

I am/have:

Dropped my enrolment back to part time, meaning I don’t have to worry about the uncertainty of heading interstate next month or keeping up with an insane study load. Now i have loads of extra time.

Using the extra time to upskill while I look for work (GIS, python etc).

Working on putting together an album.

Been working on an old track that i found a week ago. I’d been kicking myself thinking it was lost for good but it turns out it was only misfiled! Really happy with how it’s turning out so far.

I’ve also eaten vegetables for 3 days in a row now.

Today was a good day…

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Played the drums today!
Revised for my anatomy course!
Had a nap!
Saw a frog!
Listened to a Dolly Parton song!
Went no where, talked to no one! (Shit man isn’t that Fall lyric?)
About to cooker dinner then play with my DFAM!

Nuffin but positives in my realm lately.
But its all subjective innit?


Yesterday evening, my yoga teacher made us do some postures that would help overcoming fear and developing breath. The idea he shared us was to teach exercises that may improve our immune system and mental defenses.

At some point when I was head down, only my two hands wearing my body, I had the impression to support planet Earth… It’s been 42 years she supports me, it was all too normal that I return her the favor.


Formed a band last night with a guy I’ve only just met.
Went down the local rehearsal rooms (which has the single worst PA I’ve ever heard, seriously, I’m going to have to take my own monitors in future) and we jammed out for a couple of hours and it went pretty well. Gonna do some sort of melodic noise rap black metal thing. He seems very excited, so it must have gone well.
Gonna get a few tracks together over the next few weeks then start getting some gigs, which should be fine, as there will definitely be less than 50 people gathered.


Sounds like the last 3 gigs I did! And they didnt have no bleedin ‘pandemic media fear frenzy’ excuse either

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I’m farmer. I begin 5 years ago on family field. The soil was heavy worked and my family used lots of pesticide to grow vegetables.
I stopped any sol working / perturbation. Covering the soil with jute bags I take from local coffee manufacturer. I don’t put any pesticide. I plant lots of trees, feed the soil with woods and unused coffee part from the same manufacturer. Everybody told me I was crazy. 5 years later, my field is beatiful. Everything grow alone without human intervention. I have lots lots of birds, fox, hedgehog, snakes, lizards, spiders, earthworms, mushrooms, etc… It’s smell flower and the view is green. I make money, I eat very tasty and natural fruits and vegetable all day long. I’m happy. Take care of nature.


That sounds wonderful. My family came from farming. Thats the way it should be. ( i have a different view on animal farming however). We need to be gentle to eachother. Earth included.


Great thread! :heart: And can fully agree: I was getting to a point where I have decided that I need a break for a day or two from the extremely doomy news-cycle here in Denmark.

Everyone from the university where I work have to work from home the next 14 days. It makes somethings more difficult, but today I could bake some bread while answering emails, and that is a nice thing. Right now, with a cup a tea and a temporary workspace next to my synths things are quiet and fine. It’s raining outside, and nice to stay at home. Still waiting for my M:C, but have dug deeper into my MD in the meantime, and trying to get a schedule going making music on it every evening. Good things in a tough time.


Whenever i was sad years ago. I always put this album on. I hope it can cheer other people up.


I used to be a right miserable prick. I saw the effect my misery was having on those around me and decided to just be more positive about things. It really does work, if you’re positive, even in the most miserable of circumstances, it gives other people confidence to look for the positives in their lives and the solutions to their problems.
Take yesterday for example. I was out in the local supermarket with my kid doing the weekly shop when I came across a very agitated lady shouting at the staff about not having any handwash left. I told her not to worry, as shower gel is soap too and, not only is there still loads of that left, but it’s half the price of handwash. She left a happy customer, and didn’t buy an unnecessary amount of it either.


beatiful song

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