The improvised techno thread

Truly! And it can be done, there’s the TE device. But we want a full blown knobby hardware UI don’t we?

Best drum machine ever.


Erica Synth LXR02 is going in the direction, but has its own limitations. So far I prefer the Model Cycles.
Let’s see what Elektron is coming up next with. The speculations are wild.

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We do.


Thanks a lot and Thank you for your interest! 90% of all sequences were improvised because I believe that in such a constellation you can get ahead if you play `` freely ‘’, so one thing leads to another, therefore 3 voices and two sequencers (In this case the unquantized melodies were patterns prepared with the mother32). As you have correctly recognized, the Modular contains the Moog Mother32, Noise Engineering LIP and 4ms SWN for Chords. It is sequenced by the Erica Synths black sequencer and an Runnig Order. The black sequencer controls the Moog and the LIP (CV, Gate, MOD) as well as the pitch of the SWN. However, gates (in this case triggers) for the SWN come from the running order. Lfo’s also come from the black sequencer. Hope that was understandable



Looks like a analog drum engine, with sequencer? Do you have a test machine of it?

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Digital voices with analog filters, overdrive, bbd delay.
Wish I had one, looks so playable…it’s not out, yet, tho.

Here’s the thread btw link.

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I enjoyed this … LPGs and 909s :raised_hands:t4:

… and thought you might also.


Nice ! There are a few very good ones on youtube but I don’t think I’ve heard that one.

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Interestingly it seems the set was improvised:

I listened to this set, yesterday which seems to be more planned (the improvised set probaply was crazy for the people that were there, without the energy in the room, it felt like there was a part missing (for me at least).

This comment made me :laughing:

I really have to listen more to his stuff! :blush:


Ugh, really good. Funny, I also just picked up the LIP and running it through the wmd c4rbn. Working on my impro skills atm. Here is today’s harvest


For me analog rytm works best for drums and samples because it has a really “finished” feel straight out of the box. Also, once you wrapped your head around it it’s super easy to put together loops to improvise over. For a 1.5-2 hour improvised set I prepare 10-12 loops. Like that there’s no need to improvise kicks and hats, which is usually a buzzkill imo. I also sometimes throw in samples if I have ideas but bare drum loops with bass work fine. Prepared loops give the set a feeling of progress. I’m gelling less with its analog monosynth and other analog engines other than the kicks, hats, rides. clap and white noise. And the performance options are a bit fiddly too and require too much planning to suit improvised sets. Improvisation modular

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Great stuff this! I love how smoothly sounding you bring elements in and out constantly. What’s the thing above the Rytm that you use for the rises/transitions?

LIP into C4RBN works so good for me! Hope you’ll like them together but it looks like you do:) where does the fx in your modular come from?

Thanks! I thoroughly enjoyed your tune too, in fact wanted to subscribe but YouTube doesn’t seem to be your standard forum. I really liked the sound and especially the controlled and cool headed mixing and performance skills. I have a lot to learn in that area.

Loquelic into c4rbn sounds so good. I thought the digital voices in the modular will need an analog filter in the signal chain if I will pair them with the analog rytm, which can be hard to match with other gear in my experience.

Fx come from Happy Nerding Fx aid, I think it’s the delay into shimmer or the black hole reverb on this one. I’m also super happy with this but I’m still waiting for the stereo line out for the case to finally use it fully as intended. The external master effects unit is a Mod duo x.

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The pairing with the mod duo seems to work well for you! These small concentrated setups are so good aren’t they, for this kind of music. Cheers and thanks for the nice words :))

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Such a nice set, and enjoying the new setup video now!

Thank you ! Glad you enjoyed it !

Yeah I just uploaded the “behind the scenes/making of” sorta video :


Inspiring set and production.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Awesome of you to break down everything like that! Thank you, and great set!


This :+1: