The Firmware is incompatible ?!!

Installed the latest everything (this device, the Digitakt, is a pure nightmare to setup compared to my existing equipment such as TR-8S / BassSation / Moog Sub37). The Overbridge Engine displays in RED letters: Digitakt | Digitakt | 1.10A | INCOMPATIBLE.
Using Windows 10

Thank you !!

No, you clearly haven’t installed “the latest everything”. The latest Digitakt version is 1.11 which is also listed as required OS version in the Overbridge BETA thread.



Isn’t it… that’s the one I installed.

In that thread linked it states you need digitakt firmware 1.11 as you are running 1.10a you are not current.


I understand but where do I get the firmware in question ?

There’s a link in the thread that @tnussb linked.

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As the most current firmware for the digitakt is not the beta firmware but the official release of 1.11 you can either find it in the thread linked earlier or on the website support section for the digitakt.

I looked everywhere for the Firmware and I can’t find it. The previous thread refers only to If someone knows where that mysterious firmware is, now would be a good time to paste the link :slight_smile:


Pick “Digitakt” in the roll down menu and download the OS.


Finally someone ! Thank you ! Found it. Unfortunately, until the end this is a real challenge for me :slight_smile: what am I supposed to do with a “Digitakt_OS1.11.syx” file ? Oh yes it says “Send the SysEx firmware file to the Digitakt either using the MIDI In Port or the USB Port.” but I’m a humble composer, not an engineer ! I clicked on the file (using WIN 10) and it is asking me what application I want to open the file in question. More help (and patience) would definitively be most welcomed !!


use the Transfer app (download from or the C6 SysEx app (also on to transfer the update to your Digitakt.

You will find instructions on how to do that in the files from the ZIP file that you downloaded (the firmware update).


My God… :slight_smile: So now I have TRANSFER open. It shows “NO DEVICE CONNECTED” and "ADD MIDI DEVICE | MIdi In / Midi Out. I don’t know how you guys are doing this… but for me I have no clue what to do next. Where do I put the “Digitakt_OS1.11.syx” ? I tried to drag and drop the file where it says NO DEVICES CONNECTED but it’s not accepted. How do you send the file ?!

Upgrading from within the OS

  • Select System in the Settings menu, and then select OS Upgrade .
  • Send the SysEx firmware file to the Digitakt either using the MIDI In Port or the USB Port.

When the update is done the unit will restart by itself.

After some OS upgrades the bootstrap is also upgraded. This operation must not be aborted, so never turn the power off until the Digitakt tells you to reboot .

This is a digitone but same concept.

The nightmare goes on… so now I have to download that C6 thing but… where is that program on the support site ? It is not listed when you choose “pick your subject”.

Dude it’s not that hard, read the section in the manual about updating OS - it’s like a 30 second process.

Also C6 is only needed for digitone, transfer is what you want to use for Digitakt

Everyone be happy ! As i wasn’t giving instructions about Transfer so I Googled C6, found the file, downloaded it and watched the video where it says you have to CONFIG Digitakt “in AND out”: I had no clue about this process…that’s what I was asking… for help. Anyway it’s all fine now.

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