The Evolution of Yamaha's Vocaloid

Wow, I’ll take another look then. I thought you had to use an app to type wording in and stuff like that, to edit pronunciations etc.

The dude’s got his own anime character, enough said. I’m not saying that sarcastically, either. For someone who died so young to have an anime character, I think that’s pretty damn brag-worthy!

Yes, I do believe the PSB track was a nod to Klaus Nomi. I’m sure I read about it among the YouTube comments for the track. If not then I can’t imagine where I read it, but I know that I did.

But yeah, Bowie for example, we all know who Bowie is and he had a long and very public career so it’s not surprising he has an anime character. This Klaus dude though, wasn’t so lucky.

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Ah that was it, it appears Henry Purcell wrote it and Klaus Nomi performed it over 300 years later so it might have been Henry Purcell, but either way it was definitely ‘The Cold Song’.

My poor brain got there in the end!

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I’m pretty sure the owner of the clip has disabled off-site links but even though it’s been posted on elektronauts 999 times before, I’m going make this the thousandth time it was posted. And if you’ve never seen it, please watch and appreciate the silver box for all it’s charm and voice synth engine (but not it’s current market value).


Very neat, must have taken a fair bit of time to do that!

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Wow. Love it :slight_smile:

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Human makes Vocaloid obsolete after demonstration of built-in gender-bending algorithm!

He’d totally be able to fool a dude on the other end of a phone into thinking they’re talking to a female. I’d be pranking the hell out people if I could pull-off a voice change as good as that!

I think it’d be far too much a laugh to resist :smile: