The Dream Octatrack Mod

I was thinking about possible ways to get individual outs from the OT and it seems the least invasive way would be to create a signal split before the audio tracks are being summed and send them out to two ADAT optical outputs giving 16 channels of audio. The ports would probably fit on the back as well. Has anyone looked into this? Who here would pay good money for something like that? Let’s get the ball rolling!


I remember seeing a SPDIF mod a few years back, I’ll see if I can find the link.

Edit: Here


Awesome so there’s proof of concept for the physical install of digital I/O. Seems like it would be possible for someone to just connect it before summing then. Man that would change the game


I guess the key point would be if the tracks signals are mixed internally in the DSP or not, if not then it might be possible - but it would involve some pretty intricate modding, try contacting Elektron support to see if they would divulge the info, usually they are pretty helpful.

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Will do. I’ll report back


Good luck, it would be a great idea if it is possible.


IIRC the guy who made the SPDIF mod told me he could do it on 2 channels only; he charged it around 1000€/$. He was maybe 120km away, but for that price I would have prefered a 2nd OT ! (I’d like a Black OT MKII for free :content:)


Yeah just had a talk with Troberg and he said the signals were summed within digital and might as well just use four Octatracks haha.

Ah well.


My dream mod would be MIDI over usb.

In the meantime, you can do this to get your OT tracks printed individually.


Woah now…this changes everything for me


(Personal use/opinion)
With OT I’m not obcessed by multitrack recording, an internal stereo recording of an unperfect mix is enough.

For multitrack recording, with crossfader use, I’d record its midi automation with a linear sequencer like the MPC500 I have, then record internally. That way files are already perfectly synced.

A DAW process for that would drive me mad. If you know your DAW enough to sync everything, and/or trust a template made by someone else that would perfectly suits you, why not.

(I use Samplitude sometimes for audio editing on tempo grid, file mixing, very utilitarian things, not the real creative part)

8in with 8 out all configured with a pin matrix.

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