The Digitone has a master overdrive knob. I made a bass patch with this in mind named "2077 bass". Also 1000 subs, thank you very much!

After the previous video I hit 1000 subscribers. Thank you very much, everyone! The comments have been nothing but incredibly positive and encouraging, and interacting with you on reddit and elektronauts has been a lot of fun. Looking forward to sharing more tracks!

I read in the manual today about the algorithms on the Digitone. My only experience with FM so far is a VST with a mod matrix, which is fairly straight forward compared to these algorithms, in my opinion! I was trying to figure out how to make a “two-saw-oscilators-an-octave-apart”, which ended up as a bass instrument, and then I saw there was an overdrive knob on the master page, then…

This track happened. I couldn’t come up with a new melody for the bassline, so I took the melody of one of my older songs called “Beautiful and Maddening Rift”. I was stuck on it for a long time and considered just putting it in an “Abandoned Loops” video, but decided against it.

I have never fumbled so much while recording a video! Made a lot of false starts because I had forgotten to reset my patterns between takes many times, and there are sub pages for every menu. Or maybe it’s because I was tired when recording.

All audio is coming form the Digitone. I added a limiter in post, but with the overdrive knob on the master page on the Digitone I barely nudged the gain knob on the limiter!

I made an alternate soundcloud page back when I was playing Star Conquest and made a few tracks inspired by that game. The original version of my “Beatiful and Maddening Rift” track is here:

Thanks for listening!




congrats :slight_smile:


Thanks, Unifono :smiley:

You is rockin these boxes…! I would buy an albulm…hook up with a vocalist, job done.

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Thank you, @Adam9! I plan on putting together 30 minutes of new music into an album as soon as I have that. It’ll likely also contain my Digitakt stuff that have only been uploaded as videos so far :stuck_out_tongue:

Love the bass tone! That snare sound is a real turn off for me though.
I just got a digitone myself, currently making sketches to learn the machine. Its actually not that difficult! Very deep sound design but super fast easy sequencing. Or maybe 4 years on an octatrack has given me a head start.

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Thanks, @Microtribe! Yeah, inputting notes is really easy! Making patches takes me a long time, but writing out melodies and chords is a breeze :smiley:

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Sounds really cool. Well done

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