The Digitakt Wonder

Given the distorted buzz around the Digitakt, due to its somewhat shaky release, comparisons with OT and whatnot, I felt I wanted to create a separate thread on this subject, to make sure it stands out from the noise for those who just want to know - well, is it worth the bother, then?

Yes. It’s worth the bother.

You owe it to yourself to try the Digitakt.

If you’re considering a sampler, ever have or maybe will, and you’re looking at the Octatrack or the Toraiz or the Live or something else, you must try the Digitakt.

Don’t mind the bugs or the firmware, it’ll be sorted long before this post gets old.

Don’t mind the specs. Maybe you’re bothered about the mono thing, maybe you wanted a more elaborate Master section. And so on. But just let that go, for now.

And don’t worry about the reputed Elektron workflow.

Just sit down with the Digitakt, before you make your next purchase regarding samplers, and try it out. What it does, falls short of what it says on paper. What’s there, is just a list of ingredients to a potion that says little of the brew’s real magic before you’ve tried it.

And you owe it to yourself to try it. To sample. Build something. Resample and build some more. To tweak, p-lock and play.

I’m not gonna go on about it with descriptions or adjectives or anaogies and such. There’s no point.

Just take my word for it when I say, the only piece of consumer advise you need is that you owe it to yourself to try it. Because it really is that good.


I need to learn how to resample on this badboy, but aside from that I agree, coming from an OT, its worth the shot, I wouldnt knock it so quickly.


For the money its too limited.


I honestly feel more things to come, ala late addition of pickup machines to the OT etc (unless that was a day one thing, but I could be wrong etc) but because of all the bugs theyve had to switch focus around.

I love Digitakt. That is all.


I fell in love with mine too: I was thinking about leaving the computer for music duties, and it’s the first device I bought for years.
So simple to use, yet quite powerful, that was the piece of hardware I was looking for. Small, direct and really fun to use, I can’t stop thinking about it and playing with it. On my sofa, takes about 2 seconds to boot and to plug, sampling can be done in half a second and here we go playing for hours.
Ok 8 tracks can be limiting, sample memory is small, there is no separate outputs but hey, I bought it for what it is: a damned fun piece of hardware. And it fulfills my needs for now.


Yeah, I remember using this technique on my 4 tracks Minidisc recorder to free up some tracks :slight_smile:
I was just saying it could be limiting, as in some patterns I would love to add more sounds. I guess I’ll have to wait for the MIDI bug to be fixed and connect some other fun toys (oh, and some funds too).

Don’t tell me you had a Sony X4 :sweat_smile:

It’s the kind of limiting that forces you to be (more) creative. I love it and I hate it.

I’ve owned an OP-1 and OT but find the internal resampling of the DT to be a skoosh in comparison. The only way I can put it, is that it just clicks with me.


Same here! It’s really quick too. Function + sampler button and it records right away. It doesn’t get easier than that.


Haha and I hadn’t even realised there was that short cut!!!


I surely did!


Damn! This, I didn’t know. Thanks for the tip!


You can press it again to stop recording.


So many people commenting on how easy it is to sample on the DT or saying how fun the sampling process has become. Cool that people are digging their new gear :slight_smile: but it’s a weird thing to read so many times, I must have missed something along the way cos it doesn’t seem any quicker for sampling than other samplers? OT for instance is just 'Track + Rec A/B (for those inputs) or Track + C/D (for those inputs) or Track + Midi (resample) '. Not trying to compete those two boxes specifically, thats been done to death now :wink: I can see they each have different strengths to each other elsewhere. Just can someone maybe enlighten me on what all the ‘easy sampling’ buzz is down to and compared to which other boxes :slight_smile:


Difficult to explain really. I do think the filter is far easier to use and, to me, much more musical. That helps. And I dunno, it just feels a little more immediate.

Granted not much different in the actually sampling process though

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Yeah from what I heard in vids I think I’d prefer the DT filter too, sounds really nice :slight_smile:

Yeah the ‘easy sampling’ buzz thing confuses me every time I read it, which is quite often :wink: Thanks for the scoop. I guess I’m still confused why it’s being written so often, but if people are happy thats the main thing :slight_smile:

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Despite the bugs, the Digitakt is pretty sick. Super fun and easy to use.



I completely agree with @andreasroman, if you are on the fence, go try!

I was looking after substituting my electribe 2 as a main sequencer and drum machine, and it feels like I changed from toy casio to a moog voyager… no comparison really, I am mind blown!


I never found it that easy. There was always some thing I forgot to do prior to clicking the Track + Rec A/B or something I did wrong afterwards.

First, making sure I’m in Flex mode then having to assign the right record buffer to the track (where’d that sample go i just recorded?)

Yes, on the OT it’s easy. On the DT it’s easier and more straight forward