The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


For sure. I can be sympathetic to that. I’ve heard the Scooper used with modular in pretty rad ways. I just find it used 90% of the time as an auto fill that sounds lazy as f*ck to me. I probably don’t “hear” it when it’s used well.


As I was enjoying live parameter locks on the filter, I thought about how nice it would be to have live parameter locking record on the playback controls on the sample waveform source page, so you can record those clipping, glitching repete’s as you move the playback back and forth.


Kinda unworkable really


Random lfo is your friend


You can set up simultaneous control of two channels via midi loop back to get this feature.


And a battery :roll_eyes:




These requests (sorry if they’ve already been mentioned) count for both the Digitakt and the Digitone.

  • Filter Freq value shown in Hz, not 1-127
  • More filter types (BP, Notch)
  • Compressor values shown in MS
  • LFO to control master effects
  • Vel/Mod/AT to control a value on both LFO’s in the same slot, e.g. LFO1+2 Speed, LFO1+2 Multiplier, and so on.
  • Individual track EQ’s
  • Individual track Compressors
  • Track Signal Chain options, to specify what comes first of th Filter, Drive, and so on.

And would it be too much to ask for regular midi automation? I love the trig contitions, but I’m greedy and would like the best of both worlds :sweat_smile:

Also perhaps an option for the Digitakt to receive other MIDI days than notes? As of now, I’m running the Digitone as the master because of this reason, would be nice to have the Digitakt run as master.



Would also love to see reverse (?) swing function, moving from 50% to 20% to induce a triplet signature on regular 4/4 patterns.


I think an option for an inverse conditional triggering option for the percentage or time sig would be handy, like the FILL, PRE, NEI, 1ST.
Maybe a little over the top and i’m sure theres a work around, but i would find it useful.


I would like to see variable shape envelopes or at least exponential/log envelopes. Would be nice to have it independent per stage as well.


Pitch and Modwheel input would also be nice, to be able to use the DT as master unit.


Built-in user accessible battery! Individual outs, or add-on extra-$ breakout box for individual outs.

Would be my perfect machine, center of my studio, and insta-buy. Maybe next time?

Just dreaming a bit. Don’t mind me.


I agree with you on this one bud!


For each pattern you should have the option to decide if you want tracks 9-16 to be designated as MIDI or select them to be used as additional sample tracks for versatility.


It would be nice to have internal destinations for the LFO on the midi tracks (track length, and velocity). As of right now you can only choose external destinations. Maybe add Program number to the external destinations?


Midi sampling


PLEASE: Allow full Midi pass through. Keyboards into Digitakt Midi In, all pitch bend, modulation, sustain gets passed through Midi Out. Not critical to record it onto midi tracks, just want it to go through for live performance AND also being able to record …


On the audio part :

A time stretcher (even if it is not in real time and cant be used live … even if there are artefacts - i know this is cpu - consuming !)

To make the midi sequencer part more melody friendly :

Add more polyphony on Midi tracks (4 notes … )
A midi arpegiator and a chord mode (choose the rootnote, add the type of chord - min, 7, … as a parameter)

I imagine Midi and midi fx consume very few cpu ressources compared to Audio


Hey guys,
anyone up for sending some emails for elektron so they implement this feature? I sent mine already, would be great if more people would do the same… Having this functionality will make digitakt a midi sequencing beast. Please drop an email to elektron, asking for this feature too!
Their email for listening this is:
feature-request (at) elektron (dot) se