The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


I know this might sound crazy but I want a feature so you can lock the digitakt with a 6 digit pincode…so if it gets robbed it is useless .and if you forget the code you can login at elektron and retrieve it via your login only


Not crazy but maybe not too useful either, as for this to be a deterrent the potential thief would have to know about the feature.

Would love to see Kensington lock slots on all expensive gear though.


Would be sweet to be able to sacrifice a channel in order to get stereo on another channel. I find atmospheric sounds I sample from e.g. Fieldscaper on the iPad lose a lot when converted to mono. Then one could reserve e.g. 7/8 for atmospheric sounds and have mono samples everywhere else. UI wise this could be complex though so I don’t see it happening :frowning:




there is a fairly simple workaround to achieve this (as long as you have a DAW to edit in) :

Make two copies of a sample, one which is just R channel, one which is just left.

Build a pattern with the R channel of a sample. Then duplicate the pattern to another track. Replace sample on the new track with the L channel sample. Pan the first one 100% Right, the second one 100% left.

there you go: your chopped/messed with sample in stereo.

If you need to make changes, you can just go back to monitoring one of the tracks and mute the other, then recopying the pattern over to the other track.

I guess not AS good as you don’t get control over filter sweeps on both tracks and whatnot, but works in some situations. Potentially you could set up both tracks on the same MIDI channel and have one external pot control the same things on both? Not sure…)


but you could put a sticker on it saying pinlocked for security


the ability to move your steps backwards and forwards in 16th/1 step increments is cool ,in step sequencer mode just press function left or right


The ability to pause whilst sampling


Seriously? You want a useless randomizer BS effect like the TR8 has? Maybe you imagine a better use for it, but I can’t see it serving much use. Let’s get basic sound design features first like multimode filter. It’s nothing but a cringe worthy imo.


This thread and many other request threads often feature .( just an opinion piece , no requests in here)

Actual requests that easily fit in the core features of the device , but seem a little odd that they’re missing (remember this is a drum sample machine type thing , this to me is probably the smallest % if requests) . Often small tweaks on existing features .

Basic features that are missing , and shouldn’t be missing on any hardware that has been released (I think these would be found on early pages of this thread but are mostly dealt with at this point)

Feature requests that could already be done via workarounds by the user , sure it’d be easier if it was 1 button , but a few extras aren’t an issue …most people might not ever use it (copying a step to another one or using micro timing last a step ‘boundary’ , i’d Like this too , but there’s and easy workaround, and yes you can do a time stretch effect on digitakt using Lfo , retrigs)

Feature requests not very related to the core of the device (eg to me an arp isn’t relevant to a drum machine , but that’s just my opinion)

Feature requests because it’s been done on a previous device , wether it’s elektron or not ( fx on external sounds , stereo samples , more filter types , another Lfo ,etc). Often restricted by hardware limits that we aren’t familiar.

Feature requests because people haven’t read the manual , browsed the forum for help , or found the device confusing. (Slicing , midi loop, glitchy fx , personally I think most requests are down to this , I;m sure sound pool still confuses many)

Nothing wrong with any if them ,i’ve Posted my fair share and read many which I think are a waste of time , but that’s just my opinion …, I’m not waiting for anything on this thread , there’s no garauntee anyone at elektron reads this stuff , mail them your ideas and you might be lucky.
We’re not entitled to any if it (i’m Not talking overbridge , just feature requests), and there are other options to purchase.
If you see any comment in a video along the lines of ‘that would be nice , we hope to look at it etc” it’s likely to be because it’s a marketing / promo / show floor demo , and no good or person would say no , itll always be a positive response’.

In some respects I don’t blame any developer for never / very rarely engaging in this type of thing , i’m Sure if there was an honest answer of ‘no , we are not doing that because if xxx’ , it would upset people. Personally I’d quite like that type of honesty / clarity . It not directed at elektron or any company , they’re fully entitled to manage their pr/customer relations how they see fit .

Enough of me , I know it’s off topic , but this is how I approach a feature request thread , hence I very very rarely post here .some ideas are great , some are pointless . The vast majority will have no impact on my ability to write music , improve on melodies / beats and finish a track


À certains égards, je ne blâme pas les développeurs pour n’avoir jamais / très rarement participé à ce genre de chose, je suis sûr qu’il y avait une réponse honnête: “non, nous ne le faisons pas parce que si xxx”, cela dérangerait les gens . Personnellement, j’aimerais bien ce genre d’honnêteté / de clarté. Cela ne vise pas elektron ni aucune société, ils sont parfaitement en droit de gérer leurs relations client / client comme bon leur semble.

-Interesting and constructive analysis-

The problem being updates when buying a video game or
It’s like in politics with elections of politicians
Create a newsfeed without interest han !

**Whatever rebel activity so come on, and get us back inside to our sheep with some druuu#…sorry with a melody on a fat beat

it would be interesting to design machines without limitation of “tips” via updates
…We follow grooveboxes with more and more powerful updates support/It’s the future

Elektron “stands-out” because they understood that the mechanism could work on the mechanical part and on the software part han !

(The problem being updates when buying a video game)


a feature request thread = a thread where requests are made.

speaking of…id like all elektron boxes to come with a bottle of Woodford Reserve Rye.
[outrageouse: yes, stupid: yes, a request: YES! no harm in askin :slight_smile: ]


I’d like a plug-in circuitboard to go inside the ample empty space inside the DT (a simple user self install) that adds a 4 track synth/audio fx DSP that via a firmware option can be fully sequenced and tweaked on the midi tracks.

Happy to pay elektron a couple of hundred € for this.
Or else i’ll have to do it myself using an axoloti!


Me too!! an absolute must for my live setup…


Scale per track
sampler !


If you’re working with breaks then a scatter type effect is actually pretty useful for live performance to be able to create new breaks on the fly.

Used to run the Digitakt through a Roland Scooper for this purpose but sadly it didnt do it “live” you had to grab a loop on the module but it never gave a clean loop.


I ended up with an octatrack last fall. It has much better routing options. Still have the DT… just not using it live. It’s become a studio improv/writing tool.


yeah… damn it… I just ended 1 hour of comparing both, and although the octatrack has some cool things, I think the digitakt fits better in my workflow. if only I could route out the headphones. but I’ll find a solution which will be cheaper than the extra for an octatrack :slight_smile:


Just throwing this out there,
MPC’s allow you to assign the metronome to headphone outs… or 1 of the additional outs (if you have a mixer this is useful).

Not sure about ALL MPC models, but I know the 1000 & 2500 allow this, would be surprised if the Live didn’t allow it.

I know they are old, but you can get a MPC 1000 for less than the Digitakt in mint condition & it has some amazing features, especially with JJOS (operating system).


Quoted for truth. I wish my previous self wasn’t so obstinate about realizing this.