The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


There is an official feature request email that goes direct to elektron, which to me, makes it unlikely that the feature request thread is monitored closely by the company.

That being said they do have a track record of adding multiple features to their machines after release.

  • A Chorus send effect would be amazing to widen up the sound of bass tracks.
  • ability to set a track to run at half the rate of other tracks (to get 8 bar melodic sequences without having to use multiple tracks / trig conditions.
  • more LFOs
  • Stereo Input monitoring - Seems to monitor in Mono - which i get from a sampling perspective but If I want to run my mixer into it to act as a audio interface it would be great to monitor the full stereo signal of my mixer.
  • Arpeggiator would be nice… specifically on Midi tracks.


A nice trick I use for widening low melodic elements is to have a audio-rate sinewave LFO assigned to the stereo-pan. It’s essential to tune the LFO speed to the pitch of the sound and be careful with the amount. Too much widening will alter the sound too much from it’s mono version, funny things might happen when mixing.
Good to dial in the values on headphones, but the stereo image is certainly noticeable on speakers as well.


I’ve seen many features added , I guess my more clear question is ,

does this list have anything to do with what they add , is it coincidence it might also appear on here.

More filters , fx type , they’re generally obvious requests , often asked for because we feel theryre quite standard , feature on other gear , the lack of them causes endless lists .
I’m not asking they stop development , I just wonder if this list makes any difference.


To more clearly restate what I was trying to say in the first paragraph of my response. I do not think it’s likely they look to this thread, or any of the feature request threads, as a major source for feature request because there is an official way to submit feature request through the elektron website.

It’s not like Novation where features are being added due to forum input.


I love this idea. I’m going to play with this tonight. Thanks!!


That’s what I like with this box… it’s somehow limited but it still gives enough to be used in ways that were not foreseen.


Hurray for me. First time I have seen your user image and not tried to brush it off my screen


‘No’ I say.
The DT is an entry level Elektron device and, as it’s very name suggests, a drum/ sample focused one at that.

It cannot do everything that other products from Elektron are capable of - what a pity! Buy the others then, there you are, I fixed it for you. A company IS allowed to make money by selling products, right? The opinion that Elektron ‘sells you a box which lacks a feature in order to sell you another’ doesn’t hold water IMO.

Actually, we could have a fully featured DT with all the requests, but it would be prohibitively expensive for many of those in the current DT customer base.

Surely it’s best to work within the limits of the machine (which are by no means restrictive). Props to all those who are finding work-arounds and alternatives - it’s a testament to how flexible and open the DT really is :+1:t2:

Oh I’d love polyrhythms another filter type and distortion instead of Bit Reduction, but will be perfectly satisfied with the box as it is with all bugs ironed out and functioning OB for all.


It’s sure. But there are some small issues that could be improved for this kind of machine. Like be able to transposing, bp filter or having stereo monitoring.

I’d love others requests, like slicing, or procesing input signal, but I know these are luxuries, not basic workflow request.


aka. bugs


+1 for pre-selecting mutes / unmutes as on AR, A4, MD, …

Pressing FUNC and toggle the desired tracks when in MUTE Mode, making the toggle active once I release FUNC.

Helps so much when playing live / jamming and having multiple devices lined up in front of me…


That seems so confusing!!!


this thread is pretty unwieldy but i suppose i should put any requests here.

not much i miss in digitakt but having an option to offset whole tracks by small increments would be fantastic.

if anyone knows a workaround that´d be nice aswell, having to shift individual steps is just iffy.


Func+left or right shifts trigs 1 step in grid rec mode. Smaller increments aren’t possible.


thanks dave but i know the step shift option, i was just referring to shifting whole tracks with the same method. pressing multiple steps also works but gets fiddly fast.


I might not understand your question then? In grid rec mode func+left or right (without holding any trig(s) ) shifts all trigs (thus the whole track). :wink:


oh man is that so?
sorry for not understanding you. this sounds like the thing. will try, thank you very much.

edit: just saw you were referring to steps, so no microtiming? if so im bummed out again.


Yeah you can only shift the whole track in steps. That’s what I meant with “smaller increments aren’t possible”. But at least it’s something.


got you. in that case i´d like to put a request in.
if anyone is monitoring this thread. its kinda long.