The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


Sorry, I was continuing the sarcasm.



While there are many things one could hope for to be implemented in the Digitakt, as this thread shows, there is only one thing that is really missing from the unit, and that is timestreching. Basic timestreching of samples is a necessity in my workflow, and being able to timestretch internally on the unit would greatly simplify it.

So that is my only major feature request for the Digitakt :slightly_smiling_face:


transpose on the MIDI tracks. plllleeeease? Even a global transpose would be fine, in the settings. a global “tune” if you will.

I like the soundbank/soundpool, but wish we could places a group of 8 sounds into a soundkit.


Not sure if it’s been mentioned before (or if it’s already possible!), but it would be nice if there were an option to select tracks to NOT be affected by control all. I love using it to mess up my sequences, but sometimes I’d like to keep 1 or 2 elements constant


Hi! I’m new here and to the digitakt so I’m sorry if I have missed something regarding my feature request.
When highlighting samples for adding to the project, accidentally pressning ”back” exits the sample list and deselects all highlighted samples. It would be nice if the function of the “back” button is moved to another button ( “no” maybe?). Alternatively, if the samples didn’t get deselected after just one back step? That would save me a lot of time. Does anyone else have the same problem?


What I do is p-lock all parameters I want to retain on each trigs on those tracks so that they don’t change with ctrl all. Although they do change while twisting knobs but revert back to locked state within 1ms. Kinda fond of that now somehow though :slight_smile:


So after using DT standalone for many months now there is always this one thing you have to do with longer samples - setting start/loop points. Nothing slows down the workflow as this process which usually takes ages to do right. I get DT is mosty drum sampler but there has to be a better way to work with loner samples.


I thought so, but the slicing trick, though being a bit of work, is fine enough for me: For a 1 bar 4/4 loop sample set sample length to 7.5, fill 16 trigs with those start values: 0.0, 7.5, 15.0, 22.5, 30.0, 37.5, 45.0, 52.5, 60.0, 67.5, 75.0, 82.5, 90.0, 97.5, 105.0, 112.5. There you are… your loop will follow the tempo and you can now pitch it independently.

  1. Change compressor path: Chanel that is feeding sidechain does not get compressed! (Stop zelling this would not be possible because of chanel architctureit is only software after all)

  2. Make the step repeats at least midi controllable or p-lockable


Can you elaborate what you mean by making the retrig plockable?
Retrigs need to be plocked to individual steps already to function. It not like you turn it on and every step retrigs on the track like the monomachine.


yes my mistake, make it controllable via midi the rate/repeats so it can be modulated

Much better on octatrack, machinedrum etc as you can „play it“


How about muting being available as a trig condition? This would essentially allow you to more or less create an entire songs worth of drum variations. Freeing yourself up to improvise and jam with the midi and even other gear!


If they say it’s not doable then better believe it.
You won’t be the one fixing the resulting issues and maintaining the ugly hacks needed to implement this feature.


Why not just change loop position on a sample to simulate retrig
This can be done right now with existing midi cc’s .

Loop point would determine retrig rate
Only thing more tricky is volume fading down or up but you could probably use lfo retrig to do that if you need to

On most button based midi controllers you set button to send midi cc with value being loop length , map a few buttons to give shorter / longer lengths

No need to wait for anyone to implement anything.


Okay so I’m just gonna join the huge choir of bandpass requesters.
It doesn’t even have to be bandpass if that takes too much resources. A simple static base/width adjustement per track like in the reverb setting or with the Digitone would make everybody very very happy.


i would like the global parameter change with TRK to be Channel assignable
IE:if you have a lpf/hpf filtered bassline it stays the same ,whilst all the other assigned channels will be filtered together

  • Midi CC learn

  • Midi CC recordable coming from Midi IN Port

  • Zoomview in [SRC]

  • optional autolock to zero-crossing in [SRC]

  • quatizable start on samplerecording

  • Retrig Menu: slower turnaction for lenght and rate with soft’focus’ on the correspondending beat-deviders

  • Fixing the bank select issure: Global menumode for setting BS Parameters

  • Fixing the TrigCon NEI Issure: Neighbour of Track 1 should be 8, neighbour ob track 9 should be 16


Couldn’t you created a trig condition with a P Locked Volume/Level of 0 and do that???


You can do that with P̅R̅E̅. (I think, we need overline in the texteditor here :grinning:)
For example, bassdrum should play only three measures on the 5th trig and not the fourth measure. (Scale 16/16, 1 measure)
Put on the 4th trig a muted trig ([Func]+trig) with trigcon 4-4. Put on the 5th trig the trigcon P̅R̅E̅.


I was just wondering.
In the many years of various machines with lists of feature requests , can anyone point to ones that have been implemented due to it being in one of these lists ?
It’s probably tricky to know for certain unless someone from elektron calls it out , but I guess I’m wondering , are we wasting our time ?
I don’t want to sound negative , i’ve put my fair share of ideas in various lists.
This list has many valid ideas , many requests that can already be done via workarounds , many requests that are just down to not reading the manual. 1800+ posts so far for this one piece of equipment ,

Are we truly asking for innovative ideas ? , or just asking for more things because current solutions stop short of the obvious extra little bits that no one can understand why it hasn’t been done ?
I’m also wondering this separately to bugs , (why they exist is a completely separate thread / rant / discussion , not only for elektron equipment. )