The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


Ok so make it a on/off setting then :joy:


Completely agree. That’s highly need. I only would add a BP filter, but it’s less important than your points.

And it would be enough for me having stereo monitoring without fx (but I love the fx idea!). But if I could at least use the compressor on it, then it would justify the Digitone purchase.


If this exists, please tell me :slight_smile: I would like some sort of batch function for resetting patterns. I have destroyed too many patterns by saving without reseting the patterns after jamming. But for times I actually remember it would be great to have a “reset all patterns” function.


Not sure if there is such a thing, but perhaps a work around would be not to save of your project at the end of the jam - on reboot, I imagine it would reset.
Alternatively, you could create a copy of the project with which to jam, although copying any interesting changes between the source and ‘jam’ project would be a faff.


Yeah, I almost always end up jamming with the patterns each time I use it. I’ll just have to keep a note next to it reminding me to reset all patterns :smiley:


Hi there Elektronauts, my requests would be:
-direct patternchange on step would be nice.
-also more filters like in ARMkII and maybe a CombFilter.
-exp curve adjustment for each stage of the envelopes over func+?
-a second modulation source per channel or/and internal routing from midichannels.
-more overdrive options.
-seperate fill and step conditions.

overbridge works fine by the way :slight_smile:



Tonight’s crazy idea

Existing functionality not buggy .

Nothing else to add .


This thread makes me wanna sell DT and get an ARmk2. but first, i need a Cirklon.


I know this has already been requested but since getting an Analog Keys it’s jumping out at me more: Would like to see the audio inputs become “full class citizens” with independent volume, pan and effect send settings (just like the A4).


Ok, an admittedly crazy one.

When I’m working on some Elektron device and copy the current pattern (say, A1) to make some tweaks on it (to, say, A2) and I have Program Change enabled across devices, I always wind up doing the same pattern copy on the other devices—otherwise it’ll go mute or play some old pattern I had stored in A2.

How cool would it be if there was some ‘Smart’ mode when you have multiple Elektron devices hooked up that was aware of pattern copies? Execute a pattern copy on one device and the others pop up a window offering to do the same. I imagine it would be via sysex which would allow enough data for the other devices to know the source devices bank/pattern source and bank/pattern destination.

Sure, I’m just effing lazy but it would feel like magic and keep a fella in the flow.

Same sorta thing could work for ‘Save Project’, etc.


I’ve done the same, lots. Starting to realize that when I’d previously read ‘Elektron devices are complicated’ what it actually meant was “It’s really easy to fuck up your work on Elektron devices until you understand what’s going on. And even then…”

Wonder if multiple versioned (time stamped?) ‘auto-saves’ would ever fit into the Elektron project/pattern/+drive ecosystem.


Great list. My number 1 has to be the Base/width filter the digitone has. So many times I want to lowpass a sample but also roll off some bass, it’s a pain to have to do it with resampling. Hope there’s DSP available to squeeze this in, even a really basic filter with no reso would be fine.


not sure if feature request or bug:

On midi tracks, when additionnal notes are set, playing the pads won’t trigger them.


+1 for choke/mute groups
Also why no mono/poly mode for sample playback? Not mono vs stereo but retriggering a sample either cuts off the previously triggered sample (mono) or both the original sample continues to play as the retriggered sample is, um, triggered.

At present only mono mode is available.


A list view for banks/patterns so that you can find them by name. An optional “consolidated” view would hide any empty patterns so that you could quicky see what a particular project has in.

Bonus if you could see additional meta data about the patterns like tracks in use, tempo and also do a little management like copy/paste/rename/etc.

In other words: “Pattern Manager”.


Sorry, but my latest request is

  • a piece of software that enables audio streaming from the DT to a PC, DAW intergration and sample management.


Wouldn’t that be the OverBridge? :wink:


Over whatnow?


2.0 version is in Beta testing now. When it’s out, this will be huge!


So stoked! lol