The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


During my continued learning of Pattern as opposed to Global Mutes (when jamming), and my use of an external controller, I’ve found that it would be great to have access to a CC# which pertains to just Pattern Mutes.

The CC# stated in the MIDI implementation is for Global Mutes. It would help with performance as I am trying to control mutes states via the controller (with one button press) rather than on the DT itself via a shortcut.


a randomizer feature like the Drumbrute

  • 3-Band Super-Simple-EQ per track , maybe on a new page or something (not likely, but, please?)

  • More filter modes (Bandpass & Notch)

  • Volume/gain/db meter or indicators similar to the one on the compressor page. One could indicate the selected track level (on the AMP page), and other could show the master level (on the Master page)

  • Under the sample manager right-context-menu: An option to edit the sample before loading to project, something very similar to loading the sample into the recorder buffer-and-menu, that way you could edit before loading, create new samples from a longer already existing one, etc.

  • Transpose notes from sequences on MIDI tracks (A button combo related with chromatic mode maybe, lighting the chromatic keys on purple instead of white)

  • On Samples menu, a little marker to show wich samples are attached to ANY project on your +drive. (To avoid deleting samples linked to projects. If not possible on the DT, maybe on Transfer or OB?)

  • A button combo that allows the funtion to latch/hold the fill page for a period of time without having to keep pressed the Fill button.

  • The option on Sync Menu to turn off the transport section cc values (send) when DT acts as Master Clock. That way it won’t trigger all the sequencers in the MIDI chain after, and we won’t need to add more connections with MIDI filters, or disabling sequencers, or clearing sequences on other gear, etc… AND more options to choose the way that the Midi THRU port behaves.

  • Under System menu, an option to set the sensitivity of the encoders from a 3-option-choice.

I think most of these are possible and would help a lot. What do you think?


A button combo that allows the funtion to latch/hold the fill page for a period of time without having to keep pressed the Fill button.

this is already possible - I can’t remember the key combination, but you can either lock it or make it run for one full pattern before it disables automatically


Fill latch:

Press and hold [PAGE] + [YES], and then release [PAGE] before you release [YES] to latch FILL mode. Press [PAGE] again to unlatch FILL mode.


Oh GREAT! Thank you! @jefones @depuratumba


It would be nice to use the chromatic mode to be able to assign one shot samples to every key. So you would be able to trigger more then 1 sample from a track easily.

Also an app for your phone where you could program stuff ahead which you sampled in the field and then send it to the DT.


At the end of the day all the users are asking for the same. There are like just a bunch features that would do the DT almost perfect. Some of them would require more effort from Elektron and others would be more ‘anti-workflow’.

My favourites because they would be low-cost and easy to the workflow:

  • Transposing all steps from a track. Dead easy. Just +1 (or +12) with an hard limit. [FUNC] + [UP] / [DOWN] in grid record mode.
  • Stereo monitoring: Those are two independent channels, just add one more option that sample L (or L+R) channel but bypass the signal. This may be hard to do if they are using a ‘secret’ track to do the monitoring.
  • BP filter - just one more value for a knob, it’s just a math formula (m_buf0 - m_buf3) inside an switch command and one picture for the LCD screen.

Some that may be difficult to do, but rewarding:

  • Use L or R inputs as source for a track. You could apply fx and filters to the input!
  • Slices.
  • Song mode.
  • Midi arpeggiator.
  • Kits.
  • More sample slots, especially if they used only 7 bits for them.


I’d like the ability to make tea. Earl Grey preferably.

Oh and to dispense bourbons.


Slices or even ability to audition locked steps (for poor man slicing) would change my life so much.


Little bit of a workaround:

Work the other way around. Exit Grid recording mode, set the start point while pressing the trig so you hear the sound. Set the start point to where you want it to be. Enter Grid rec mode, enter the trig on the step you want and p-lock the start point.

Rince repeat.

Can’t audition it afterwards, but for programming this is useful way of doing it.


Elektron should employ you mate you know you’re stuff… :ok_hand:


That’s how I do it for now, yeah.


Let’s have an audio control feature for lfo as a waveform. It could work on samples and midi cc. So if you have a kick come in and you want cutoff on a synthesizer to be inversely appearing with the kick, you could do that. Ie route track 1 audio to lfo control, or allow it to control midi cc or lfo targets directly


SLICES cut capabilities


Microtiming as an lfo destination. I would like a drifting start point on a short sampled sequence, I can get somewhere with infinite loop with a slightly longer/shorter length but its awkward.


yes thats what i want to be able to assign snippets of a sample from the record buffer


Cant go through the whole tread but…

I would like that the Digitakt sequencer triggered the notes when you are turning the knobs to adjust them. That way you would hear what you are going for without pressing play all the time.


yeah, but major problem in live :joy:


After having used my Digitakt a while I’ve reconsidered the features I think are “missing” to make a great little sample playback and midi sequencer better.

  1. Snap to zero crossing option for sample start, loop and length.

  2. Function arrow up/down to transpose all trigs in semitones for both audio and midi tracks.

  3. Have the stereo input go to the efx and compressor in stereo. (Monitor in mono without efx, come on…)