The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


The way the input is manages is really eccentric. If you are going to be sampling something, it’s great to be able to hear the source along with it. That was actually something my Boss SP-202 did back in 2001 and was surprised the digitakt did not. I think it would be a huge workflow implement to be able to monitor while you are editing and previewing.


I keep wishing the master page were labeled 1-8 rather than with the default sample names. I mean, I change those samples 99% of the time.


Think of them as names instead of descriptions.

Like, my name is Ryan- but I look more like a Tim


I would love a volume mute mode as opposed to trig muting. So longer samples could be muted on demand. Currently, I push+twist the level knob to achieve this and reload pattern to “unmute”. Could be implemented via a 3rd mute option when toggling between global and pattern mutes.


please, allow the DT to receive midi info on midi channels you’ve set instead of only the auto channel.

the mm/ot allowed set midi channels to receive midi on their respective channels. i hope this is changed in the dt’s future update.


in all seriousness, I think changing master track names on master page window, a compressor maybe and a zoom in feature and I’m good. then again I’m not a huge midi user so I know folks have bigger fish to fry.


I’d like to be able to loop the sample when I have record the sample in the sample window. YES. When I sample something, for example a synth c3 slightly detune. I’d like to keep the function +yes and it loop continuously. Like the OT. It allow me to be sure that it won’t ‘pop’ or ‘click’ when I put it in my sample list.
This simple ‘loop’ will allow me to save time and avoid using another sampler, then the pc to push the sample.

Today, it’s mandatory to use an OT or mpc 1000 or a PC to sample synth. It will click if you do it directly with the DT. And… It’s a simple loop feature, which is basically 10 line of c code.

Basically it allow to validate a breakbeat loop at the same time


BP and Notch filters would be super useful as pseudo EQ for some of the samples.


Like the old public telephones.


I haven’t read this thread so apologies if this is an old suggestion. Not sure if this is a bug or a missing feature…

I want the ability to transmit MIDI note data from the internal sequencer audio tracks 1-8, so I can record/edit my performance to then play those notes back into the Digitakt.

Setting “Trig Key dest - int/ext” doesn’t work - this currently only causes notes to be sent when playing the chromatic keyboard or hitting the trig key manually.


digitakt only responds to the auto channel for note input…hopefully that will change.


Not sure if this has been posted, but I think there should really be an option to decouple the Master Page audio track levels from patterns.

It could be an on / off option - “Set Master Page to Global vs Pattern yes / no” just like the bpm.

Balancing a mix in the digitakt over multiple patterns in the current system is really annoying, because if you need to change the level for some reason you must go and change the value in every pattern you are working with. Having the option of a global master page would solve the problem.


…unless elektron brings out something really tight and powerful for the digitakt…kind of mindblowin DRUM synthesis options,midipages per track, selectable routing options per midi/audio track, more master FX coupled with routing options, exchangeable tracks like :elmd: and timeshift + graphical indication of parameter locks…this thread will ask for features forever.
@Simon @Olle



Makes you think - anything designed for public use is probably full of great design ideas for making things robust and sustainable. I think the thing that really helped the public telephone keypad (in the UK at least) was the shiny metal casing and the heavily scalloped bevel around the keys. Also the fact that the backplate and keys were both made of said shiny metal.


i really like the idea of having a POLL to see which features actual users want.

Should be limited to OWNERS of the machine ONLY for the 1st poll.


would be dope to put some guys behind the whole structure to make the development like a wishlist…function over function. kind of market research

…I don’t know why they’ve done the digitakt with the rytm sample engine instead of a crippled Octatrack path, at least for the final product release.

digitakt seems more like a development board which was created to fit in the sampling engine for the analog rytm and to smash and test the new buttons… just for testing within development…i.don’t know. :wink:


The type of new features I’d like to see would be those that don’t confuse a simple platform by requiring multiple, arcane and unlabelled button combos. My biggest gripe with other Elektron products is that many of them feel like somebody designed the interface, set it in stone and then later kludged in a ton of extra features.

Some simple additions I’d like to see are as follows…

  1. LFO shapes that mimic the effect of using a wave rectifier / voltage inverter - ie the LFO provides only positive OR negative excursions but does not cross the zero point.

  2. If the hardware can handle it, a second LFO on a second (nested) LFO page.

  3. I’d like to be able to switch patterns instantly (quantized to the nearest 16th)


quick idea.

ability to empty reverb/delay buffers on on each track/pattern.

so i could make a nice long reverb for a pad , trigger the drum for a reverb but cut the tail using a cc/trig option that would only impact the drum sound.

or simpler version to just kill delay/reverb without reducing the volume on the delay/reverb.
or add the delay/reverb values to their own lfo.


This third one !!!


can you do this by setting CH.LEN to 2 ?
I’m doing it here and it seems to work. ?

although it does restart at the beginning and not continue on the same step on the new pattern.