The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


No way I have time to read almost 1200 posts…

Pattern location swapping?

Select one pattern, select another and the locations are swapped. Good if you’re laying out a song and want the Digitakt to follow another device (Octatrack). Sometimes I try multiple patterns on the Digitakt against other patterns on the Octatrack and then I want to re-arrange my patterns on the Digitakt. This usually ends up being copy a pattern to some blank location(maybe another bank), copy one I want to move and paste it on the old one, then copy the old one to the previous location of the new pattern. It’s like 3 copy and paste procedures just to swap 2 patterns. Then you have to clear out your copy areas to make sure you know you can use those blank patterns again.


Midi learn is #1 for me, too
[right after fixing the MIDI track bugs that cause tracks to freeze or stop triggering!]

I’d like a Midi learn implementation as simple as pressing down a DT encoder in the Amp/ Cc Sel. screen and then simply twist a knob on the external synth to have DK learn and map the Cc/NPRN.
Press, twist, release.
Would seriously love that!


Scale **tip **per *track



song mode
crossfade options for looping samples, clicking is getting on my nerves
this ones the biggest:

ability to trig long samples straight from the drive+ without loading it to the ram!


MIDI Arp please!


I haven’t bought a digi yet, but I would like the inputs to be used as a mixer, with pans and effects send. 8 knobs would be perfect for this. :slight_smile:

Bi-directional looping would be nice. Perhaps you can fake this using p-locks?

I suppose stereo sampling is out of the question…

In any case, I will probably get one when they fix midi operation.


Probably already said but… Muted midi tracks shouldn’t send their CC values (and their eventually associated LFOs)


Here’s something i would like for christmas

1: It would be cool to be able to control a parameter for all tracks from an external controller. What I specifically want right now is to be able to control the frequency of the filter from a knob on my novation SL, and have it control the frequency on all tracks, like a master filter. Or just a master filter :slight_smile:

2: A way to group tracks. This is related to the filter thing. Would be cool to be able to group tracks and have only those effected when you hold the track button. The delay on a lot of tracks can be pretty cool, but often i want to exclude any kick drums i have going for instance. Just a thought, love the Digitakt.

  • Safety question while pressing FUNC + CLEAR combo.

Super easy to lost your work during jam… happend to me, happend to Cenk in one video, pretty sure it happened to most Digitakt users :wink:

  • Arp in midi tracks would be great
  • Additional filters


Some different variants for the bitcrusher and overdrive, bandpass filter and the ability to save pattern chains are the big ones for me.


If you repeat the FUNC+CLEAR combo it will undo your clear


Unfortunately this will not work if you press some other buttons earlier


Pre-Emptively copy the pattern on occasion so you can just repaste your pattern


Yep, could also pre-emptively save pattern :wink:

On a side note

If you do both at different points then you have the option to revert to 2 different starting points. And that’s pretty cool to me.


I vote For EQ and slicing options and I definitely throw my maschine in the bin to make hip hop.

More seriously, a voting system to focus on feature to implement primarily would be great instead of this infinite thread… Elektron please.


What i’d like :slightly_smiling_face:

  • zero crossing detection on sample loop, it clicks too much and it’s really doable with a “init analyze”
  • looping foward/reverse/forward/reverse I don’t understand why it’s unavailable
  • tune really low -24 and more, ok could sound bad, but you may want this
  • slice mode, yes 16,32,48,64 slice !!! please, make it rigid, it’s okay ! we can import loops and work easilly with this

I don’t want to have a OT i’ve got one today, but… want deeper control on sample.


If they add slice, I’d like the midi tracks to be selectable as extra audio tracks, even if they can’t get above the 8-voice polyphony. Once you slice something up, you quickly run out of slots for other sounds.

My dream would be if they add a drum synth engine and have all 16 pads assignable as: audio, synth, or midi. That flexibility would be ridiculously amazing.


Regardless of whether it’s likely or not, if they were to add slices they’d probably do it in a way that does not take up your sample slots…
On the OT for example, your start parameter changes to a slice selector…


Sorry not familiar with the OT, but would you imagine going into a keyboard mode, like chromatic mode on the DT?