The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


Thanks, but I think that works for a locked parameter only. What I mean is, let’s say I change the tuning knob, in or out of the grid mode, and then want to revert that single parameter to its saved value. Maybe I’m missing something but I only seem able to reload the whole pattern (FUNC+NO) or clear the parameter to its default value (CLICK ENCODER+NO).


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Yeap, those are the only two options indeed. You could of course temp save, then tweak the knob and revert to saved state. But I get what you mean. It would be a nice addition.


COMB! the most underrated filter type of all time.


Probably been said before, but a warning would be nice if you try to save something with the same name. I’ve lost quite a few recorded samples this way.



need more than 128 slot for sample in a project, 128 is not enough, yet there is still free ram but no more free slot :frowning:

256 would be great :wink:



Side chain compressor
audio thru in
second LFO
LFO midi more faster !
transpose mode with selectable transposable track (exemple : transpose only track 2, 6 and 8 - or 5, 8 and 9 etc…)


Ability to dim the LEDs of buttons and Display separately. To me it is to bright when working in a darker environment. Thx.


Here is the support ticket and response from Elektron that I received this week regarding a back-up option:


“First off, thank you very much for the updated information (and gift) regarding Overbridge. I know a lot of people were glad to hear that your team really understands the plight of their customers. That being said, and I am sorry to complain again, but when are we going to have the ability to back-up our Digitakt samples and projects? This seems to be a major oversight (which seems odd given your company’s reputation) and waiting till February seems ridiculous considering I got my Digitakt in August and still can’t do a proper back-up. Please add this in the next update somehow, maybe through the transfer software that you currently provide.”

             Elektron Support

“Hi, We are working on the backup solution, not sure when it will be available exactly. However, it is not far away. Regards, Simon M”

Its an answer and a very quick reply, I might add, even after the latest announcement.


Hearing effects, when monitoring.
iOS Overbridge.


I hear people talking about solo on the digitakt, but i can’t seem to find it. Quicktip?


It’s accessible via MIDI CC only right now, I believe.


Ahh, i see. Thanks!


I have an amended list:

DIrect pattern change (for syncing with the Analog Four).
Internal MIDI routing, using one MIDI track to control 1-8 audio tracks for poly mode.
Effects on monitoring, not TOO fussed about summing to mono, although stereo would be nice.

After that (with a few bugs ironed out and OB on the way) the DT will be perfect for me.

Loving the DT, A4, SP404 and BS2 combo. Feels like I can do anything on this set up.


pleeease add:

  • more than one LFO per Track
  • an arpeggiator on the MIDI Tracks (or… on all Tracks;)
  • Song Mode
  • more Filter Types would be nice…

But… more then any of that… we NEEED a backup solution :smile:


great News!


This will probably just disappear in this mammoth thread and never be seen by the developers, but I would really like the current trigs to be duplicated in a more logical way when extending pattern lengths that are numbers other than 16.

The ideal working situation would be an exact duplicate of what is already there when PAGE is pressed in the SCALE menu. For example, if I have a trig on 1, 3 & 5 in a 12 step pattern, if I press PAGE I should get a 24 step pattern with trigs on 13, 15, and 17 that are identical to the ones on 1,3 & 5. This is the behaviour if the pattern is 16 steps, you get the same trigs on the next page with the length set to 32. But as soon as you start working with patterns that are less than 16 steps the whole thing goes to hell.

Its not a very fast way of working if you work with 10, 12 or any length patterns that don’t slot neatly into 4/4. You end up having to copy paste trigs and break out the calculator to make sure they end up in the right spot. Should be easy enough to change this behaviour, even a simple ‘work this way or not’ on/off setting in the config section would be great so the original behaviour can be kept if needed. Even the lowly Arturia Beatstep Pro works by just doubling your sequence when you increase the length, so you don’t end up in this situation with pattern lengths. THX!!


big thing would be the ability to send specific tracks to the internal resampling …something like the master levels but as a routing screen.

that way you could easily use it as an unquantized way of sampling and assigning.

the actual state just allows for all track internal sampling. panning is no option because it kills the flow. :slight_smile:


This would be $$$$$


Keys that don’t stick please.

EDIT: Thinking about it would an alternate design of key cap, solve this problem? If the edges of the cap were extruded further down into the hole, then wouldn’t the keys just guide themselves up and down with no chance of a jam?

Anyone have a 3d printer?