The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


compfilter & chorus effect would be nice to have.


I just want to be able to use the delay and reverb on the audio in… But thats already asked frequently… And oh yeah +1 for a chorus and comp, that would be nice indeed…


I want noteslide and parameterslide…and an browserbased tracker interface to program the digitakt that way…


I’m gonna throw in a +1 for zoom in on sample src page. Working with sample chains is a bit difficult without it


Adjustable light intensity. I find the white LEDS to be excessively bright when working in semidarkness situations. It gives me headaches and keeps me from working longer.
Thanks and congratulations on an amazing machine!


This would really ramp up the modulation possibilities without going into midi-split box option and allow Digitakt to work with external clock (preceding it in midichain) while modulating itself (if you loop back the midi-out signal while sending a clock to the rest of the chain you will mess up Dikitakt´s own clock).


I expect this has been mentioned already:

  1. ‘immediate pattern change’ or whatever they call it - on the Rytm it is a pref - at the moment it will only change pattern on the bar.

  2. I would like ±36 on pitch change rather than ±24

  3. I know it’s not really an electron favourite, but I badly miss the ‘repeat’ button from my MPC (hold it down and hit a sound and the sound will repeat on a user adjustable value)


Yep. That and mute groups are what I probably miss the most. Maybe the only things.


When you say mute groups, are you referring to setting (for example) two tracks to ‘group 1’ so they cut each other off - like an open and closed hat? - yes I agree 100% essential feature request!


Yeah, without it, it also really limits live remixing of chopped up samples, like you would do on say an SP or an MPC. This is absolutely my #1 request. It would be so simple to add as well.


Bought the Digi on release and to be honest I havnt been using It as much as I’d hope for.

I’m really missing individual track lenghts…I’m used to have Pads running for 8 bars (minimum!) and having an easier way to transfer samples…this limited enviroment isnt boosting my creativity, just dampening it… :frowning: as it is today I’m just fiddling around with the Digi and looking at my SP 404 all the time thinking I’m cheating on it. :wink:


Conditional trigs can get you 8 bars or more, 1:2, 1:4, etc… :slight_smile:


You can boost your creativity by reading P32 of the manual :slight_smile: - you already have individual track lengths with various further options!


Limited enviroments boost my creativity but I agree with you. Its still buggy and needs an update fast. Overbridge should’ve been ready by now. I haven’t used my Digitakt much like I hoped and looks like 2018 will introduce the next update. By then I’ll be shopping for a new sampler.


I haven’t encountered any bug yet, at all, nothing stopped me from doing anything.
I sincerely don’t understand when i read extreme posts saying they wouldn’t buy the Digitakt in its present state for example, it doesn’t compute with what i have in my hands right now.


Midi retrig, please,please,please.
Solo track.


I just bought an Analog Four and I’d like to sync them up.

Is there any way to make the A4 send direct pattern changes to the Digitakt? Seems like it delays it by one cycle.

If that’s not possible, then I’m requesting that!

  1. Pattern Chain save feature
    2)Slightly tweak the process for chaining patterns ( Include being able to repeat first pattern in chain multiple times.)
  2. Allow for being able to edit a PTN while another PTN is currently playing. Examples: such as (muting/unmuting TRIGS, changing a MIDI TRIGs BANK SOUND source to play different sounds from your synth before you switch back to that PTN.


Allow to reload a single parameter without reloading the whole saved pattern. Or am I missing a way to do this?


If you press a trig and click the encoder the parameter will reset to default