The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


You bet! SUPER essential for live gigs!


Again i had to realize that the trigger/button LEDs
make me totally paralized and confused after using it for 30-45 minutes!
the display is ok with brightness, but the trigs make me stop working very quickly!
i bet there will be no update for lowering the brightness of them, so i will void the warranty and put some filter under the buttons,
but this sucks!
it‘s nice to have a lot of visual feedback, bit this is def. too much :face_with_head_bandage:

any better ideas?


Not the best solution, but keep it in either mute or rec mode when you can. Obviously you can’t always do though. Also, I found having a bright overhead light on helps.


Open a support ticket on this. They might add it.
Shining a desk lamp on the digitakt helps as well.


That’s what ive done too for it. You haven’t to open it just use a credit card pull off buttons.
I’ve done that with almost all of them. Trigs, Transport, settings, and P.pages
Headaches gones and no problem with buttons since


I remembered this mod Ymsey and i have to do so!
THX for inspiring me/us :wink:
Desktop lamp is a moodkillah in my case, but still better than eye cancer or confused braincells …

brilliant idea :+1:t2:


Tempo SCALE per track :wink:


This is going to be a long one…

Ping-pong play mode would be great i.e. when a looped section is played, it alternates between forwards and backwards between the start and end points

When recording, normalisation should happen post-trim (rather than pre)

A way of changing the “neighbour” assignments for conditional trigs (similar to the mute/trig options that the machinedrum had)

When adding a sample to a project, an “assign to track” prompt would be ideal in the same way as when initially trimming recorded audio - I guess this should only happen when adding a single file to project

A way of adding characters at the beginning of a filename when renaming. I just dumped a whole load of drum sounds without the drum machine names (only in folders) at the beginning so now I have 10 samples called “bassdrum” in a project and don’t know which is which… I guess that file renaming via Overbridge will happen so maybe this isn’t such a big deal.

Being able to move folders complete with all contents (subfolders etc), rather than having to deal with samples and recreate directory structures. Again, maybe an overbridge fix.

+1 for more filters (bandpass/notch at minimum, ideally comb too) EDIT: I realised that it would be really great for one of the options to be the filter style used on the reverb/delay (i.e. cutoff becomes HP cutoff, resonance becomes LP cutoff). Someone feel free to correct me, but this seems like a really easy thing to do given that that filter has already been coded up etc

a global compressor would be great, but not sure how that would actually be implemented in terms of the interface


2 more:

A global mode in which muted tracks are routed to headphones, whereas all others go to main outputs. Not sure if this is possible within the hardware - enlighten me?

Parameter locking of reverb/delay. Either give them their own sequencer tracks which would show up in grid mode when their pages are called, or write some kind of (admittedly complicated) conflict resolution solution for locks on other tracks, which I will be happy to learn my way around.


slide pliz :slight_smile:




has snap to zero been suggested?
I feel like it would be much easier to use scwf chains if this was an option.

Also, I doubt we’ll ever get poly but what if we could assign voices? that would be useful to me. like use track 5-8 to give four voices but all play through track 5.


…I would love to see the MD synths and MIDI pages for each channel. (8 rotarys x 8 pages)–64 different cc on one channel. Stupid to use all the tracks for moogs model 15 App.
that would give serious control over 8 Synth or whatever…
USB Midi as a host.

after a few weeks with it I do miss something special with this machine…something that someone wouldn’t imagine like exchangeable FX slots Master FX…crazy stuff like quad delays or tape simulation etc. TIMESTRETCH is a big one and finally the ability to turn off quantization completely…I mean completely! no sloppy quantization just pure recording.

ability to arm the Tracks, record a beat without time signature and instantly repeat that section. like an 8 track looping pedal.

if they do shit with 1.10 iam out… I’ve been super patient with all that RYTM crap back in the days…but this time I want something that’s 700 bucks worth. not just a volca sample with display and standard midi sequencing.



This feature request is crucial(which is why I submit it to the forum instead of directly to Elektron).

You know how, on the A4, whenever you push a button on the keyboard-it changes the default trig note? it would be cool if it did that on the DT. Whatever you hit, it stays on C3.

I understand that it maintains the unaltered sample- but if you play on the keyboard I think it can be presumed that you want the pitch(and thus the sample) to change.

At least put it in as an option.


Are you saying you’re unable to play different pitches of a sample from an ext keyboard? Or you want a key press to change the default pitch?


I haven’t tried the ext. keyboard. But built in functions would be the most convenient for lap-playing or portable jammage.


Ahhh gotcha. Because you can, of course, play pitched samples from an ext keyboard. Also, change the pitch easily on already entered trigs which is awesome.


Oh yes! Such a small feature and a world of difference! Something I couldn’t get through with my time with the Pyramid


FUNC+Page then FUNC+Yes… Then select track by hitting TRK+(whatever track). I hope that’s what you are looking for. :slight_smile:


It says drum computer & sampler on the box. How about giving us some drum synthesis like on the machinedrum. :wink: