The Digitakt Feature Request Thread

Aside from individual track lengths, I think this pretty sums up the thread. Hopefully @Ess or @Olle take note :slight_smile:


This surely has been stated before :

Using the left/right arrow to move between sequencer pages for playback purpose. Being able to start playback from any of the 4 pages would be awesome. Having to wait for 64 steps at a 70 tempo each time you wanna check the end of your sequence can be frustrating sometimes. :slight_smile: That means we would need to have the current active page displayed somewhere on the screen, but there should be some room for it!

Currently these arrows let you temporarily change the tempo which is not something a lot of people are using I think (or do they?). Actually you could imagine keeping this function when the sequencer running only.

Just a thought!



That will be great if new capability of sampling port
could be int (LR) + ext (LR)

and Transpose please


I personally want Stereo sampling and band/notch filter.
When you want the features of the new 1010 Blackbox for the same price as the DT, I think nobody will buy a DT now. Elektron need to improve the beast!


Kit capability would be great. Indeed, the manual of DT speak about kits and it isn’t coherent not find this on it.


Import of patterns + samples in new projects directly from DT. Went to build a live set with previously made beats from older projects and realized this isn’t possible.


A great thing to have would be a - mute/choke group across the 8 audio tracks - and BAM instant SP12/MPC like experience. Very simple and very inspiring. Great way of working with samples. No need for extra CPU.


In a way you can plock the samples on the same track to achieve this. For example, putting both closed and open hats on the same track, which will then choke each other as they play. The only limitation/annoyance is having to plock parameters for each hit if you don’t want the same filter settings for both, for example

Yes I know it can be programmed, that’s not really the point.
I’d like to live jam & record:


Okay, I’ll keep it short:


  • Note transposition for the whole midi track
  • adjusted scaling (lowered sensibility) for the Note encoders: They’re just too fiddly!
  • Indication of the current midi channel number on every midi page. There is enough room in the left lower corner, right under the big and (at least for me) useless alphabetical midi channel name.
  • trigger page: jumping to musical lenghts (1/4, 1/8, etc.) while holding function and turning the lenght encoder (no, it doesn’t work!)

And the usual other stuff:

  • Time scaling per track
  • more filter types: at least BP; notch or different slopes (6/12/18db) would be nice too.
  • wider range of sample transpose: from -36 to +36 would be great.
  • saving pattern chains (I dare not to say songmode)
  • internal midi-loop-back sounds like a real killer feature!

Btw: I would gladly lose the compressor for any of the above, if cpu etc. is a concern


Compressor is the one of the best things about it !!


i’m thinking of pulling the plug on the Digitakt and getting an MPC Live. DT does some things well; nice sequencer and control, nice sounding, overbridge; it can almost be the center of my studio but there’s few things holding it back which I didn’t expect. I know these points have been re-iterated before, but the more we mention them the more chance they’ll be noticed (maybe).

X. It was my fault that I didn’t read if FX on input is possible before I purchased it, but I really expected it at this level. I want to route my synths through it’s fx, I can only do a dry passthrough in mono now :frowning: I don’t mind so much sampling in mono, but not able to route in through fx is a crazy disadvantage in this day and age in my opinion. This is a KEY lacking feature in my view… Happy to sacrifice one or even two channels of audio for this, as long as we have option to route through fx, and to pan each input left right

X. Sample management is slow and kinda confusing. I want to be able to quickly audition different stored samples on my pattern (say I want to go through many kicks stored on drive) just by turning a knob… I don’t want to go through multiple key presses each time. Say I have 50 kicks, I want to test them all out on my kick sequence in less than a minute without them taking up space in my sound pool… I can load all sounds up but then clearing them becomes a pain - maybe I’m doing something wrong? See the Akai MPC series for how easy it is to test samples.

X No eq per channel. this should not be too costly to implement. It needs to offer bit more sound tailoring - if a kick has too much bass at say 80hz, I have no way to adjust that without chopping off everything below that range. maybe I can kinda accept this thanks to overbridge, maybe

X No arp? why not? This is a must

X Sound settings are per pattern - if I change volume levels on one pattern, they are not available on the other pattern… this makes it a chore, I have to go and manually adjust things now same thing through every pattern… essentially a pattern is almost a separate project. why? I don’t think i’ve ever seen this on any other piece of hardware. Why not give a “global” settings option (by holding a combination of keys for example) that allows change for the sound settings of all patterns?

X Does’t send note off properly - but note on with 0 velocity… doesn’t play as nice with some of my midi gear… I got a Retrokits midi cable that can “fix” this, so I can live without it.

X Sound waveform editor has to offer zoom in - it’s very difficult to create smooth loop transitions.

X Transport Controls to send midi: play stop and record should send midi data so I can map them to transport controls in Logic - this way I can start/stop Logic from DT, and then Logic can do it’s thing as a master clock

X Give us some more space - I red somewhere that the disk drive might actually have more than 1GB space? - please allow us to utilise bit of extra space, my 1GB is already full - I like to sample synths and loops.

X Allow swing to be applied per track selection - or even better, allow a grouping of tracks to have it applied to. I don’t want everything swinging like crazy, including bass/pads/leads - just want the drums for example.

X Midi tracks: allow midi CC sent when pressing on the CC knobs - I really could use a button here and there to map to my synths but they don’t send midi.

X I really wouldn’t mind couple more different FX (you can give an option to pick between compressor or one of these perhaps) - flanger/phaser/chorus - something to add bit more variety and spice.

X No battery - someone else did a mod and showed there’s plenty of space for a battery inside - it’s small enough that having a battery would make it great for moving about. I’d be happy to pay for an official battery pack attachment that slots in nicely somewhere somehow :slight_smile:

As it stands it’s a bit like getting a fine steak, but without the chips and the peppercorn sauce… or a gorgeous oled tv, but without a netflix support… or a slick ferrari with amazing interior and power, but without properly working brakes (maybe this one’s a bit much as it essentially renders the car unusable), but you get the point,


They can make it an option to switch between compressor or something else - we don’t need all the things at once, but a few more options would really help


Thats a nice idea a plug and play system where you can choose which functions to activate in some kind of boot meny/config

That would solve the issue with cpu also, there is a 1gb drive to store setups on already

Agree, but I somehow doubt, that Elektron will implement such an optional system. Seems like too big of a change in the source code this late in the running time of the DT. I also dont believe they would remove the compressor. Minor changes & improvements is all I hope for. But hey, you still can dream (and give them feedback for their next machines). :wink:

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I won’t weigh in my opinion comparing the two. I will simply say that they are two very very different pieces of kit. I was a previous Live owner myself.

My advice, play with the MPC a little bit before purchasing.

Please do share your opinion - always good to hear point of views about the competition. I used to own the mpc 1000, and oktatrack. The 1k was a bit bland sounding with quite bad FX, but it was a workhorse. The okta was quite nice sounding with resonable FX, but needlessly overcomplicated so I sold it - one pet peeve was the eq range was from 0-127, what Hz is that? Why not just put some meaningful numbers there with a Hz at the end. Anyway DT is certainly a step in the right direction of simplifying things a bit, but with some chunky omissions unfortunately.

Digitakt is kind of like the 500. 500s and digitakts are cool too

The option of changing the sound directly instead of making a copy for each pattern. (a.k.a. some kind of kit functionality)
Saving a pattern chain per bank.

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the possibility to have the next pattern selection mode locked. ready all the time not just a few seconds as it’s now.
I am a multi instruments player and the possibility to select a pattern at any time in one trig would be very nice (especially as you don’t want to think about manipulations between a verse and a chorus while playing the keyboards for example)