The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


How about elektron making an iOS and Android transfer app for us mobile users .after all nobody wants to lug around a pc everywhere


This one is huge for me. You should be able to assign a sample from the +Drive directly to a track. The process of loading a sample to the project then scrolling through the list to your sample seems redundant. Like when you record a sample it should ask you which track you want, press that track and there it is and just add it to next empty slot in the project sounds.


This really does sound like a no brainer. It would definitely help workflow issues.


double the trig conditions (e.g. Fill & 4:4)
context :
hh hats filled
and crash cymbal filled on 16th step (e.g. Fill & 4:4)
so i can play hh with fill button without earing the crash cymbal except during the 4th bar


Press Func + SRC, select an empty slot and press Yes - this will open the +Drive, the sample you select will be loaded to the slot (and in RAM)


:pray:Thanks this is a much better workflow! Can’t wait to jam tonight!


Adding trig conditions until 16:16


Have PB, AT, MW, and BC on the (MIDI) SRC page respond to incoming PB, AT, MW, and BC (and also send them to MIDI out when controlling other synths).


Ability to adjust the brightness of the device so it can be adjusted to the ambient lighting


You could pretty much do that by just extending the pattern length. Unless your pattern is longer than 16 steps or you want to go longer than x:4.


Thanks lauli ! Good point, but when i do this, all others x:x conditions are affected. It can be a mess to find them after working with conditions in a 16 steps pattern.


Hah yeah you’re absolutely right! 16 step patterns somehow feel much more tidy than longer ones. I always use them too when it’s possible :wink:
Oh and I think you can have max. 72 paramaters to be animated per pattern, so sometimes “hardwiring” the x:x locks into a longer sequence saves some space for your other p-locks.


Microtiming as an LFO modulation destination would be terrific!


More acoustic percussion sound packs—and not necessarily drum kits; orchestral as well as non-Western percussion would be awesome—please!


Step recording in chromatic mode. With tie & rest.
And live recording of retrigs.


I ‘d love Time stretching and Cue via headphones. Please!!!




Simpe EQ filter like on the DN just before the filter.

To be able to clean low frequencies on some samples.


Make Ctl-All revert parameter changes when TRK button is lifted instead of maintaining the state and requiring a pattern reload to undo. Personally I think this would be more useful for live performance use.


this has already been said but :

  • More Filters type bandpass, notch, peak as in the A4
  • A second LFO
  • The X-Base filter as in the Digitone